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HCO’s Spring Break Survival Kit

We’ve spent the entirity of our bank account on coffee, and may as well be paying rent at the library. After all our hard work, we hope to be rewarded with some sunshine and a little something us collegiettes look forward to year round: Spring Break! Whether we’re making a trip to Vegas, the coast, or having a much needed Netflix binge at home, us ladies at Her Campus Oregon have received the must-haves for our best getaway ever — from yummy treats and beauty products, to making sure we’re having fun while staying safe. 

Thank you HC and our lovely sponsors: LUNA bar, Chipotle, Completely Bare, SABRE Safety, Not Your Mother’s Haircare, Simon & Schuster for Dirty Rush and Shane Kuhn’s The Intern’s Handbook.

  • LUNA bar hooked us up with delcious (and now gluten-free!) flavors Chocolate Peppermint Stick and Chocolate Dipped Coconut in adorable mini sizes — the optimal traveling snack. (Keep a look out for their new flavor, Chocolate Cupcake!)
  • Meeting up with friends is always better when there’s food involved. Thanks to Chipotle we can save a little money in the process! 
  • Lets be honest, there’s no better time for a wax than Spring Break. Thanks to Completely Bare, we have easy-to-use wax strips to keep us looking nice and fresh.
  • SABRE Safety products recognize that while Spring Break is a time to have fun, it’s also a time to make sure you’re staying safe. SABRE has a mission to educate and advocate for college aged students by empowering them to take control of their own personal safety. Our Campus Safety Pepper Gels are a much needed addition to our breaks (and they’re pink!)



  • ​Good for you, your hair and the environment… What more can you ask for in a hair product? Not Your Mother’s Haircare’s “Clean Freak” shampoo and conditioner is made without harsh chemicals and is biodegradable — so it won’t clog your pipes or your pores! It’s infused with wild water mint extract, the perfect destressing scent to revitalize before heading back to school. 
  • Simon & Schuster sent us Taylor Bell’s book, Dirty Rush. Presented by Total Sorority Move (TSM) the book hilariously depicts Beta Zeta’s sorority traditions and the rich traditions they hold so dear. We can’t wait to read!
  • Shane Kuhn’s The Intern’s Handbooka is an international bestseller and a soon to be Major Motion Picture starring Dave Franco (yes please!) The thriller tells the story of New York City’s most successful hit man and his mission to assisinate a big-time law firm partner.


Have a fun and safe Spring Break, collegiettes! HCXO!



Currently a senior at the University of Oregon, I am the Editor-In-Chief of the Oregon chapter of Her Campus. My dream is to be able to combine my love for travel with my love for journalism. I hope to be a part of something inspiring.  
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