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Have a Warm Winter with these 6 Products

1. Heated Blanket

A great way to keep warm in bed during cold nights. The best blanket to use for nights in, watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate. 

Check this one out below on Amazon!

2. Fuzzy Socks

To me, the best part about the cold weather is bundling up in layers of warm comfy clothes. Cozy socks are a go to every day during winter to keep your toes nice and toasty. 

Here are some cute ones from Old Navy

3. Blanket Scarfs

Who doesn’t love being fashionable and warm during the cold winter months? These scarves make you look put together and keep you warm even in your earliest classes when all you want to do is stay in bed. The perfect accessory for anyone who gets cold and likes being wrapped in a blanket 24/7.

Check out this stylish one from H&M!

4. Coffee Travel Mug

Running late for class? Take your coffee from home and keep your hands warm on your morning walk. It’ll keep your beverages hot for hours and give you some energy during gloomy days in Eugene.

This one from YETI is 20 oz and comes in a variety of colors!

5. Beanies, Headband Ear Wraps or Earmuffs

Keep your ears nice and warm from the cold winter breeze and bundle up with some nice warm head accessories. They are also really cute and will make you feel fashionable even on the coldest days. 

These earmuffs let you listen to music and keep your ears warm!

6. Weighted Blanket

If you aren’t a fan of heated blankets or aren’t allowed to have one in the dorms, a weighted blanket does the job just as well! They are also great for calming anxiety and stress which is a bonus with finals week quickly approaching. 

This one from Target is cozy and decently priced!

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