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Get Involved, and Make a Life Choice Pt. 2

One of the greatest things about the U of O is its plethora of student-run groups. Getting involved in a club is a great way to meet new people who share your interests, and who knows? You may find a cause that you really feel passionate about.
I looked into two groups to see how they work. Students for Life and Students for Choice are both focused on reproductive and sexual issues. These hard-working students fight for their causes in the community and on campus, and you can get involved too! Last week, we featured Students for Choice. Check out my interview with them after you finish this one!

David Lach, a major in religious studies and history, is the president of the campus group Students for Life, which advocates for ending abortion.
Lily Tong: What does your group represent on campus?
David Lach: Students for Life’s purpose is to contribute to ending abortion since we firmly believe that this practice ends the life of unborn children. We provide a way for students on campus who share this perspective to get involved through a variety of ways. We seek to not only educate the student body on the abortion issue, but we also work with organizations in the community that help to reduce the number of abortions.
LT: How did your group get started?
DL: I got the group started with help for Students for Life of America, and from there. I started to grow the group through word-of-mouth. 
LT: How do you reach out to your community, on and off campus?
DL: For those on campus, we have events that promote awareness about abortion. We reach out to the community off campus in several ways. Our group works with Eugene Right to Life, the 40 Days for Life campaign, First Way, and Lane Pregnancy Support Center, the latter two being organizations that take care of women in crisis pregnancies.
LT:  How can students on campus get involved with your group?
DL: The easiest way to get involved is joining our Facebook group. Also, students can contact us at [email protected].

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