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Five Pros and Cons to Dry Shampoo


1.  It makes your hair dry 

​While dryness is better than oil, dry shampoo makes hair feel a little more like hay with every spray. 

2.  It’s wasteful 

You probably don’t need ANOTHER beauty product on your vanity shelf, but aside from the cap, aluminum dry shampoo bottles are recyclable. 

3.  It makes dark hair ashy 

Make sure to brush and rub it in well since it sometimes takes a while for your hair to absorb the spray. 

4.  It’s costly 

Since shampoo is upwards from $15, an added six dollars for a seven ounce can of dry shampoo will significantly increase your beauty regimine spending. 

5.  It’s a pollutant 

Like hairspray, dry shampoo aerosol cans are linked to climate change due to their hydrocarbons and compressed gases.


1.  It has longevity

Depending on your hair type, you can go two to three days without washing it, and dry shampoo will train you to go even longer.

2.  It gives you more time in the morning

University girls need as much sleep as possible; so spritz some dry shampoo and leisurely enjoy your latte too. 

3.  It gives your hair a lift 

Your roots will never love you more. 

4.  It smells good

Each brand has so many scents, but even the original types gives your hair a crisp, fresh flavor. 

5.  It takes away shower time

If you exercise a lot, showering can become a nuisance. Next time, add a shower cap, do a quick rinse and spray dry shampoo in your roots the next morning.

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