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DIY Summer Shorts

Spring is turning into summer quickly, and DIY shorts are in, and hotter than ever. Adding a little flare to and old pair of jean shorts can turn a whole outfit around. Simple, flirty and casual these styles are cheap and easy to do.


Add this wherever desirable. The front side of the shorts, the back pocket or a layer underneath, you can’t go wrong. Any craft or fabric store will have a variety of lace to choose from, it all depends how you want to add it to your jeans.

For pockets:

Cut the lace to fit the pocket. Use fabric glue and go around the outside, keep in mind a little glue goes a long way. Place the fabric on the pocket and smooth out the lace. Let it sit for 24 hours before cleaning up the edges and wearing!

*Do this same process if adding lace to the front pocket or a section of the back pocket.


These can give your shorts an edgy, rocker effect. Studs can be found in bulk at JoAnn fabric stores. They come in a chain so when placing cut the desirable amount for use. Like the lace, use fabric glue to secure the studs in place. Let them sit 24 hours in order to make sure it is dry. Whether you are filling a back pocket or randomly placing in a pattern they are lightweight and add bling to your once drab wear.


A pop of color and pattern add a fun and flirty feel. As you have noticed, fabric glue is your friend for this project! Pick a tribal pattern or floral of your choice and do the same process of the lace. Give yourself a little wiggle room with the fabric when placing on the shorts. Don’t immediately cut to fit the pocket, give yourself space to go back when the glue is dry and cut access remains of the fabric.  


This can be time consuming, but a great activity to do in front of the TV! Turn your jeans inside-out and cut a few slits (2 or 3). With tweezers, pull out the blue stands (they are horizontal in the shorts). This will give holes in your jeans. If you want the frayed look at the end of your shorts cut them at the length you want, and using the same tactic as before use the tweezers to pull them apart. Over time they will also do this on their own. 


Have fun with this and be as creative as you want. Get a pair of high-waisted or colored shorts and work your magic! From studs, to lace, to a little bit of both and as much or as little as you want. Add your personality into it and get crafting! 

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