Creating Your Own Learning Space

Going from learning in a physical class to attending them via zoom while being much more responsible for your own motivation and self-discipline, can feel overwhelming. Transitioning from university life to an online school is certainly an adjustment, and understandably takes some time and patience. Part of that transition is understanding your needs when it comes to learning and schooling. I’ve learned that I need a quiet place apart from the rest of my household in order to write an essay or take a quiz. I need a space, where I won’t be disturbed, and I can totally focus on the task at hand. Everybody’s productive learning space looks a little different, but regardless, it’s so important during this transition to figure out and create your own personalized study area while studying online. Here are a few tips that have helped me, and hopefully will inspire you.


Study Outside of Your Room

It’s easy to just want to stay in your bed and pjs all day, and at first that’s where I was studying. There have actually been multiple studies that show your learning/work space should be kept separate from where you relax, and I’ve found this helpful. Create boundaries between where you relax and where you study.

Stick to a Schedule

Online schooling definitely requires some self-motivation, and it’s easy to just sleep in every morning. We’re creatures of habit, and so having a schedule to follow is important in ensuring that we get schoolwork and self-care time done. Make a schedule that dedicates specific times to schoolwork, and make sure to give yourself breaks throughout the day. Having a specific time where you close your laptop and put down your textbooks can also be helpful in preventing burnout.

Declutter Your Learning Space/ Reorganize

Everyone likes their learning space a little different, so this one is dependent on your tastes. However, decoration and organization can be helpful in improving motivation for studying and working. Plants are an especially nice touch to a room and can help productivity. Redecorating a study space and reorganizing your room and desk can help you feel more motivated and increase productivity.

Turn Off Your Phone

I’ve been spending more time than ever staring at a screen, and if I’m not doing online schoolwork, then I’m face-timing a friend or scrolling through social media. Taking a break from screen time, and relaxing is vital during this uncertain time. And, if you’re like me and get eye strain easily, try a pair of blue light glasses!


In addition to these, it’s important that we remember to be patient and kind to ourselves during this difficult transition and these challenging days. It’s okay to give yourself breaks from studying and school as needed. Adjusting takes time. Plus, part of a having a productive learning environment requires you to take care of yourself first and foremost!