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A Couple Tips for Long Distance Friendships

My best friend and I have been best friends since the 2nd grade, so 14 years now. We’ve been at the same schools for all of those years, except for this one. Our friendship has always been the kind where we don’t talk every day. During the summers when we weren’t in school sometimes we wouldn’t talk for days, or even for a week or two, but it didn’t matter. That never changed anything, and we always would just pick up where we left off when we did talk or hang out. I think we both felt that we could handle a long-distance friendship pretty easily, but there definitely are still things we do to help keep in touch.


Plan future events together

We love to talk about the things we’ll do once summer break comes, even if those things may not actually happen. It’s a way to keep looking towards the future. Right now, we’re trying to plan a trip to Disneyland for next year. We both have been wanting to go so badly, and I’ve always wanted to go with her. I mentioned it a few weeks ago and we’ve been planning it ever since. Stay positive about what’s to come and make an effort to plan little or big things for the future!


Send TikToks

I think this is probably something that most best friends do, but when you don’t see each other it can become part of your only interaction. One of my favorite things that happens when I’m with my best friend is laugh attacks. Laughing is a core aspect of our friendship. I laugh with her harder than I laugh with anyone, and over the absolute dumbest things. We laugh until we can’t breathe and it is one of my favorite feelings. Now that we don’t see each other every day, we have to experience that in a different way. She and I are always sending hilarious TikTok videos back and forth. I love seeing what she finds that she thinks would make me laugh because it just feels nice to know that she’s thinking about me, and still wants to find a way to laugh with me. Find ways that you and your friend connect, and utilize them!


Check in (even just every once in a while)

I think the amount of communication needed is based on the individual friendship. For my best friend and I, we don’t need a lot. We are both extremely independent and don’t spend a lot of time communicating with others. That sounds really strange, but it isn’t and it just is how our personalities function. As a pair, we don’t need to communicate in order to be best friends. Of course, we still check in on each other and have longer conversations every now and then. But for the most part our communication is through TikToks and short conversations that happen during the week. That’s just how we are, and that’s what works for us. We are both still incredibly ingrained in each other’s lives and even though we don’t talk every day I know that she is right there for me if I do need something. We’ve been friends for so long now that it’s almost like our friendship has developed into a familial relationship. However, some friends do need to talk every day in order to stay connected! Each friendship is different and requires different amounts of attention. I have other friends who I talk to more than I do with my best friend, but she is still my best friend. Figure out what you need and what your friend needs, and roll with it! 

Taylor Wells

Oregon '23

Hi, I’m Taylor! I’m from Bend, Oregon and I’m a sophomore human physiology major at the University of Oregon. I’m passionate about traveling and exploring all of the wonders our world has to offer us. Airports are my favorite place to be, so much so that every year I go to the airport for my birthday dinner. I love reading, spending time with friends and family, and watching movies. I’m so excited to be a part of an inclusive, women-inspired environment!
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