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The coconut oil craze seems like it happened over night. There is a reason it is so popular now. This stuff works wonders internally and externally.

Coconut oil is pressed out from the meat of the coconut. This magic oil contains many nutrients, benefits, and uses. Coconut oil has no chemicals, has healthy fats, vitamin E, is anti- bacterial, anti-aging, as well as super hydrating.

Some of the uses include…

Coconut oil for cooking

Coconut oil is high in saturated fats (about 99%). The high fat content makes the oil strong enough to withstand high temperatures. Coconut oil is believed to help prevent heart disease, improve immunity, increase metabolism, and promote healthy cholesterol. Coconut oil is commonly used in baked goods. The oil can serve as a healthier alternative for vegetable oils and butters.

Coconut oil for skin

Coconut oil is highly moisturizing and is guaranteed to save you for chapped skin in the colder months. Coconut oil increases hydration and moisture on the skin. It is naturally anti- aging and anti- bacterial, allowing it to be applied anywhere on the body. The scent is a plus too. It is like a tropical getaway with a hint of freshly baked cookies

Coconut oil for hair

The nutrients and fatty acids present in coconut oil help promote hair growth, thickness, shininess, and softness. Coconut oil repairs brittle and damaged hair. It acts as a deep conditioner and instant moisturizer. The coconut oil can also be applied to eyebrows and eyelashes for extra nourishment and growth.

Coconut oil for teeth

Coconut oil even has benefits for teeth. Swishing some oil around in the mouth helps remove excess food hidden in between teeth, removes bacteria, and rids of dead skin cells. The idea of “oil pulling”, or the practice of swishing oil around in the mouth is believed to eliminate bad breath, strengthen gums and teeth, and whiten teeth. It is important to swish around the oil for 10-20 minutes, usually on an empty stomach.


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