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Campus Snapshot: Samantha Nash

This week’s campus snapshot is Samantha Nash, a spunky girl with a boho style all her own. 

Name: Samantha Nash

Age: 20

Major: Public relations

Minor: Business 

Hometown: Portland, OR

HCO: How would you describe your style?

Samantha: When I get ready for a regular day at school I dress in something comfortable and then dress up my outfit with fun accessories like a scarf, a necklace, or—if I’m feeling bold—lipstick. My style lately has been a sort of modern boho, a mash up of being messy yet put together. I make it my mission to look good while being comfortable at the same time, which is why I probably wear black leggings with just about anything.

When going out, I tend to emphasize my “boho” side of style. My favorite party outfit is baggy high-waisted pants with a tight crop top, or a printed loose dress paired with heeled booties. I find that when I want to dress up I’m trying to find that perfect balance between classy and sexy, which are two things I think everyone should strive for.

HCO: Who are your fashion icons?

I’m in love with Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City; even when her outfits were ridiculous, she always looked fabulous. She taught me one of the most valuable lessons of style: no matter what, own it. At the end of the day, confidence is what will make or break your outfit.

HCO: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

I find myself at Nordstrom Rack more than anywhere else, though if I’ve got a little extra cash I can’t be kept away from Nordstrom (Top Shop, ASTR, and Free People are my favorite brands there), and I’ve always loved going deal hunting at consignment stores and thrift shops. I’m pickiest with brands when it comes to shoes because Steve Madden has never let me down.

HCO: What are your favorite accessories?

I never leave the house without my Nixon watch and Tiffany rings; I feel absolutely naked if I don’t have them.

HCO: Do you plan your outfit based on your clothes or shoes first?

When I’m getting dressed I usually pick one thing (be it a top, sweater, or shoes) that I feel determined to wear and try to dress around that, which can sometimes mean taking an hour to decide what I want to wear.

HCO: What are your favorite trends for winter?

I love giant knit sweaters with a passion; those paired with leggings and ankle boots were my life in the colder months. I also really love being able to wear my Birkenstock sandals year round by wearing them with thick knit socks in the winter; it’s one of my favorite north-western fashions.

HCO: Are there any trends you can’t stand?

I can never get on board with anything neon; I’m a black white and grey kind of girl. If I do wear color, it’s usually pretty subdued and dark like maroon, forest green or just a pop of turquoise.

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