Campus Snapshot: Hannah Fabian

Name: Hannah Fabian

Hometown: Sherwood, Oregon

Year: Junior

Major: Public relations and Sports Business


HCO: In three words, could you please explain your style?

HF: Boho, grunge, comfortable

HCO: How did you develop your style?

HF: I just see clothes, and wear what I want. I’m really inspired by 90s and 70s clothes, with just a touch of 80s. I grew up watching movies from these decades and I just loved their clothes. I even took my mom’s old high waist acid wash jeans from the 80s and cut them into shorts about 4 years ago, and I still wear them. I also really focus on comfort. The main thought in my head is “can I sit through a two hour lecture/family dinner, would I be comfortable?”

HCO: What are your favorite stores? Why?


Pac sun: it combines boho with the grunge that I love.

Forever 21: I use to work there so I got first pick of the best clothes and everything was within price point for a college student

Tobi: It offers such a wide variety and I can just go online look and find everything that I wanted to pull off a look

Goodwill: I find some of the best things here. I got a normally really expensive Express flannel for crazy cheap. It’s perfect for me being a broke college student and if you know where to look you can find amazing products

HCO: What are some staple clothing items/accessories that you can’t live without?

HF: My ripped jeans. I’m obsessed. Whether their skinny or boyfriend ripped jeans are my favorite. I’ve even has some friends give me crap about my jeans, because I hardly ever wear non-destroyed jeans. Beanies too, especially in the winter I am hardly ever without a beanie. They can just add to my outfit or cover up my wild hair. They also enable me to stay warm and cozy. I am also obsessed with the two rings I always wear (a simple hand of hamsa on my right middle finger and a plain silver band with an infinity sign) and my silver bracelet that says carpe diem, I’m never without those three.

HCO: What would you say is one thing that makes a great outfit?

HF: Confidence. I honestly think that as long as you love what you wear nothing else matters. I remember I had this outfit on and went to go ask my mom what she thought and she said that I only looked good was because it was me, and that I liked it, so I easily pulled it off.  

HCO: What is the newest trend this year in fashion?

HF: The loose boyfriend destroyed jean, which I’m such a fan of. I’m also very into the more neutral tones and clean lines that a lot of stores have been showcasing, they remind me of Kanye’s line, which I absolutely loved. Also the 70s trend, I’m obsessed with the bell bottoms, flowy shirts, and the overall bohemian feel of it all.

HCO: Do you like summer or winter clothing better? Why?

HF: Both. In the summer I definitely go boho. I do flowy shirts, lace, dresses, and the amazing floppy hats. And winter is when I’m more grunge. I love rocking flannels, T-shirts, and my favorite ripped jeans with converse. Not to mention oversized holy sweaters, those are my favorite, and there’s an endless supply at goodwill.

HCO: If you had to choose one celebrity that influenced your style who would it be?

HF: Vanessa Hudgens. I’m obsessed with her. Her style is exactly what I want. She’s edgy boho, grunge boho, and just normal boho. She can also do super glam. She’s so versatile, but remains true to her boho style. I’m obsessed with her look, she’s the only celebrity I follow on Instagram.

HCO: How does your style describe your personality?

HF: It shows my free spirit. It portrays my laid back attitude towards a lot of things and life and my carelessness, which is easily seen because I rarely do my hair. Then my grunge side shows my “hard” side. It makes me look and feel tough, even though I’m not always. Clothes just let me express how I’m feeling that day. If I’m feeling a little quite and tired I definitely drift toward the grunge side of my wardrobe. If I’m happy and feeling great about everything, I lean toward the boho side.

HCO: Are there any trends that you absolutely hate? If yes, what and why?

HF: Anything with extra “bling”. I get so irritated with the bedazzled jeans or even overly sparkly tops. It just gives me a headache. And the neon thing as well, I’m not into super bright colors, especially in the winter/fall.