Campus Profile: Maya Auld

Name: Maya Auld

Pronouns: (she/her/hers)

Major: Family and Human Services

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Portland, OR

You’re involved with the Men’s Center on campus. Why did you choose to get involved with this resource and how has the experience been so far?

Honestly, I wanted to have a practicum that was on campus, and I wanted to have an activist mindset with it. The Men’s Center is really great for anyone who wants to get involved. It’s on the second floor of the EMU! Everyone there is so nice and supportive; I feel like I’m part of a family.

How would you describe your transition from high school to college? What would have made it better?

It was a smooth transition because I had a lot of friends and family to rely on. I could always call them if I needed them. I think getting more involved on campus sooner would have been better for me. I wish I hadn’t waited until spring term.

What inspired you to pick Family and Human Services as your major?

I worked really closely with the special needs department in my high school. I just kinda knew I wanted to have a career related to that, so I’m pursuing a Family and Human Services major with a minor in Special Education.

What have been the worst and best parts of freshman year so far?

Living in the dorms is both the best and worst part. You’re so close with your friends, and you guys can hang out whenever. But when it’s a night when you need to study instead of having fun, all the distractions can make you a little sad sometimes. It's like, you want to have fun, but you know you can’t.

What's your ideal night in Eugene?

The jazz station. I really wanna make it out to the jazz station. I just wanna eat food, look fab, and listen to jazz. That’s all I want.

Where's the best study spot on campus?

Definitely nowhere I study.

If you could change anything about your first two terms of college, would you?

Talk less, listen more. I just feel like everyone has their own story, and I didn’t hear enough of them.