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Campus Profile: Clare McDonald

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

Meet this week’s Campus Profile, Clare McDonald!

Year: I’m technically a senior, but I’ll be here for part of next year. 

Major/Minor: I’m a theatre arts major and an arts management minor. 

Are you part of any organizations? I’m involved in the university theatre and then next year I’m on the board for the Pocket Playhouse, which is the student run theatre. 

If you can, describe what it’s like being on the stage: I’ve been doing it for a really long time so I think I’m kind of used to it in a way, but I feel like it definitely gets my energy up, sort of the adrenaline of performing which is something I enjoy. Sometimes it’s nerve-racking but usually it’s fun. I always try to be focused on my character and what their objectives are and the circumstances of the play.

One underrated/unknown/unusual talent you have? This probably doesn’t count, but I’ve failed at so many talents over the years that I feel like that’s kind of impressive. 

Favorite show: I love Parks & Rec, I identify strongly with Leslie Knope but I also really like Breaking Bad so I like different things.

Aside from Leslie Knope, is there another fictional character you relate to? This is kind of a weird one but I remember my first role in high school, there was this woman who really believes that a doll is alive and it was just this very sweet play and it wasn’t really about her being crazy. It was sort of about the power of imagination and love and especially at that time in my life when I was fifteen and I thought that was very beautiful even though it was weird. The play is called “The Curious Savage” by John Patrick. 

Any plans for the summer? I’m going to take a couple of classes, so nothing very exciting, probably just working and spending time with friends.

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