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Campus Profile: Aly Ervin

Name: Aly Ervin

Year: Junior

Major: Geology

Hometown: Pacifica, California

What Disney princess do you identify with the most and why?

    She’s not a princess, but Jane from Tarzan because she likes animals, the outdoors, and loves to learn.


Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

  Well there’s Bailey, she’s a mini Australian Shepherd, my brother’s dog is named Leo he’s also a mini Australian Shepherd, and my family also has a cat named Winston. I really want a dog of my own.


What’s your favorite rock?

    (Laughs) There are so many rocks, but I’d say a thunder egg is my favorite. 

What’s your favorite memory from Outside Lands?

 This isn’t music related at all, but my cousin and I got chicken wings and they were $12 and you only got three of them. My cousin and I were walking away and then she decides to steal a wing from some girl when she wasn’t looking. We took off running, and we heard the girl yell, “Hey, that girl took my wing!”.


What’s something you miss about Pacifica?

    I miss the ocean.

If you were a dessert, what would you be and why?

    I’d be s’mores because I’m kind of a mess, and I love campfires.


What’s the greatest meme of all time?

    Well this one is pretty relatable at the moment,

    But this Kermit the Frog, “Me to Me” meme embodies my regular thought process:

Who are a few artists featured on your Spotify playlists?

    Mac Demarco, Chet Faker, and Father John Misty.


Where is your dream vacation destination?

    I’d love to go to Iceland because of the geological landscape. Overall it seems like a beautiful place and totally different than anywhere else.


What’s the best thing you can buy from Trader Joe’s?



If you were to become a ghost, where would you haunt and what’s your backstory?

    I’d really want to mess with people, so I’d pick the White House so I could haunt all the Republicans and ruin Donald Trump’s life. I’d make him put an end to this madness.  

Elissa is a sophomore studying Arts Management at the University of Oregon. In addition to being senior editor of Her Campus Oregon, she is recruitment coordinator and campaign co-director for Climate Justice League, a member of Music Industry Collective, and works as a barista. When she's not hiking or watching documentaries, she's creating collages and dope Spotify playlists. In the future she hopes to travel the world and work for a major music festival. 
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