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Campus Cutie: Kyle Provo


Ladies, meet Kyle Provo! He is probably the most entertaining interviewee I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Don’t let his sarcastic façade fool you; he’s full of humor and quite the gentleman (he made special plans for his mom this past Mother’s Day). Don’t miss out on your chance to get to know him!

Year: Senior

Major: Journalism – Advertising

Hometown: Eugene, Oregon

Relationship status: Single

HCO: Why did you choose to come to UO?

Originally I came here for the art program because it’s really good, but then I ended up switching to Ad. Plus, it was a really easy move from home!

HCO: What three words would you use to describe yourself?

I would say I’m sarcastic (definitely), wyld with a y because it’s a wild way to spell wild, and scrumtrelescent. Will Ferrell used that word in an episode of SNL.

HCO: What is the first thing you notice about a girl?

I’d say the first thing I notice about a girl is her face because that’s the first thing I see when I talk to them.

HCO: What is your biggest turn off?

One-sided conversation; introverts kind of weird me out because it’s awkward to talk to them!

HCO: Describe your ideal date.

I would say sushi for lunch on a beach somewhere, then surfing all day right after lunch (which would be epic), then we’d have dinner after a great day of surfing (on that same beach) with some drinks, then whatever happens, happens. And if there happened to be a meteor shower, that’s a plus!

HCO: Describe a typical Friday night for you.

Generally I’ll have a BBQ to finish off the week with my roommates and whoever else wants to join, then off to the bars and have a dance party, or three. And lastly, finish off at burrito boy, which is technically early Saturday morning.

HCO: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Well one time, my friends and I stole a flashing a light from an excavator and stuck it on top of our car, driving around town, in Pacific City, singing the Ghostbusters song, and then we all went skinny dipping at the beach afterwards. It was definitely the craziest night of my life.  

HCO: What is your best one-liner?

My one liner involves a little action; if you see a girl at the bar, who just bought a drink, go up to her and then drink what she just bought, then ask her if you could buy her a drink (make sure she’s alone, and not with a guy).

HCO: Boxers of briefs?

I wear man-undies, which is just regular underwear, or I go commando.

HCO: Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself being 27, but seriously, hopefully working at an ad agency in New York. Or I would have just sold a business I created, and am living on an island somewhere, working at a fruit stand.

HCO: What advice would you give the single ladies of UO that want to be in a relationship?

My advice is, here’s my number (541) 520-9705, search no further.

HCO: Do you have a man crush? If so, who?

Oh my god, do I have a man crush? Steve Buscemi from Mr. Deeds a.k.a. “crazy eyes.”

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