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Campus Cutie: Connor Brennan ’15

Meet Connor, country sweetheart and sophomore at University of Oregon. Her Campus Oregon had the opportunity to interview this Campus Cutie, hailing from Tigard, Oregon. With an unforgettable smile, Connor told us a little bit about himself.

HCO: SO Connor, what are your hobbies? Do you play any sports? I love to go camping. Seriously, to me there is nothing better than being outside in a tent and sitting by a campfire at night. I like to hunt, fish, hike, anything outside. During high school, I played baseball and football and enjoyed it a lot. I'd say baseball was my favorite by far though.

HCO: How do you typically start your day? I normally start my day by hitting the snooze button on my alarm at least 3 times (laughs). Then, I’ll turn on the radio or my Ipod and play some country music and sing, but I try not to wake up my roommates. I'll shower, get ready for the day, and before I leave I'll tell myself to have a good day.

HCO: What does a typical weekend entail for you? Friday night, I’ll hang out with my roommates, see if they have anything planned for the night or if we want people over, either way we try to get out of the apartment and do something. Saturday, I’ll head to work for a few hours [Connor is a community assistant at the office of Capri Apartments] and then come home and watch some Netflix and take a nap until the night rolls around, then it becomes like a Friday night again. Sunday is my "recovery" day where I try to finish all my homework that I put off Friday and Saturday (laughs). Normally, it ends up with me doing a little homework and then watching The Walking Dead.

HCO: Tell us, what’s your perfect girl? That’s something I don’t think I will ever be able to pin down... but there are qualities that really stand out to me. I like a girl with confidence, someone who smiles just as much if not more than I do—I smile a lot. I would want to be with someone who always wanted to be active and doing something different, and found joy in the little things. OH! And someone who doesn't mind country music and would be able to put up with my singing; especially in the car!

HCO: And your perfect date? Something simple, I’m not a very hard guy to please. I would be fine going on a walk to start out and then maybe get a bite to eat and talk. I would rather have good conversation any day compared to going to a movie and sitting in silence. At the end of the date I would be just fine with sitting on a park bench and watching the sunset. I'm a sucker for sunsets. Anything where I get to be outside.

HCO: So what’s your favorite food? Ribs with a baked potato and a salad.

HCO: Favorite Disney movie? Oh that’s tough, because I love Disney movies. I'd have to say the Lion King because when I was a little kid, I always liked how even though Simba struggled as a kid, he came out on top as an adult.

HCO: What are your pet peeves?  When someone doesn't say please or thank you. When you let a driver merge during rush hour traffic and they don't wave.

HCO: Are you a cat person or a dog person? Both!

HCO: What are three things you’d bring if you were trapped on a deserted island? Realistic answers... knife, hammock, and tent. Unrealistic answers: Fully loaded Qdoba store, Ipod with country music, and Dora the explorer's backpack because it has everything in there! All you have to do is ask for it!

Heather is a senior at the University of Oregon, majoring in advertising. An aspiring copywriter, her dream job would be screenwriting for TV, but for the meantime she works as an office assistant, ad director for Envision magazine, freelance graphic designer, and her favorite, campus correspondent at Her Campus Oregon. She hails from Lake Oswego, Oregon, and loves the quirky side of Oregon: its unique people, unpredictable weather, and amazing music scene. She's a cat lover, avid black coffee drinker, and TV and movie addict.
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