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Campus Celeb: Tanner Faris

All of us at the University of Oregon are Duck fans, but Tanner Faris goes above and beyond the call of duty. You can find him outside Matthew Knight Arena or Autzen Stadium hours before the event doors open. He’s a dedicated sports fan and Pit Crew member. As well, Tanner has found time between sports games to write and record songs for multiple albums. Check out this weeks Campus Celeb: Tanner Faris.

Photo Credit: Eric Evans Photography

Year: Sophomore

Major: Advertising

Hometown: Elmira, Oregon

HCO: Tell me a little bit about the Pit Crew; what is it?

Pit Crew is a student organization that was formed back in 1999 by former Oregon quarterback, Joey Harrington. Basically it’s just trying to get more students involved in cheering at basketball games. Trying to make the best student section in the country by getting organized. It’s a big, happy family of duck fans.

HCO: How did you get involved?

Well, growing up I would always see the Pit Crew on TV and at games as a kid and really wanting to do what they were doing.  I really enjoyed how motivated they got and how spirited they were. That was always my style back in high school and I liked the costumes most of all.

HCO: Now you have an outfit; tell me about that.

I do; my outfit consists of three important parts. I’ve got a big piece of diamond plate aluminum cut out to be an Oregon “O” and it’s attached to a chain. It’s been called my bling-bling.  I cut it out in my garage about five years ago now. I have a fedora with a jewel-encrusted “O” pin. It’s one-of-a-kind and I wear aviators or similar sunglasses. That is my costume. I don’t really have a name, but I’ve been called the “Flava-flav” of Oregon.

HCO: What is your position with the Pit Crew?

My position on the admin board is that I am the Director of Women’s Basketball.  So I work pretty closely with the women’s basketball operations staff to plan different publicity events and student-run events where we just try to increase interest in the team.

HCO: Why do you like the Pit Crew so much?

It’s a great collection of people who share the same passion as me at the same ridiculous level. It’s really nice to be able to hang out with those fine folks before basketball games.

HCO: Do you have a favorite moment?

The NIT was pretty awesome. It was the first time we got ESPN in the building for filming a basketball game so that was really cool. For football, just as a fan, my greatest moment of fandom was going down to the Rose Bowl in 2011. After being there in 2009 and leaving with a loss, it was pretty incredible the way the game turned out in 2011, all the way down to the very last call of the game as time expired. I was crying for three straight hours; no joke.

HCO: What are your other interests?

I do a little bit of my own recording. I play multiple instruments; I put out a couple albums. I love to sing and play the guitar. I am in gospel choir right now. I am an avid cyclist; I love to ride my bicycle long distances. I will be going on a trip to San Francisco this summer. I enjoy traveling. I’ve got fans on multiple continents and I’ve been able to share my music around the world.

HCO: Where can people find your music?

You can find my music at tinyurl.com/mancaveonline. You can download my EP, the Schaefer Hall EP absolutely free of charge. Follow me on Twitter @TannerFaris and drop your phone number in the tip jar at Sy’s Pizza.

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