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Campus Celeb Maxime Gaillard

I had the pleasure this week of interviewing Eugene’s own Maxime Gaillard and finding out all about his new clothing company Satori Clothier.  Satori Clothier is a custom clothing company that sells high-end custom apparel for men of all body types and all ages.

Max explained to me how men constantly struggle to find apparel that fits them well and looks exactly the way they want it to. What his company does is allow customers the chance to design any article of formal wear that is fitted exactly to their bodies and their comfort.  Satori provides their clients with an exact fit, gives them complete and total creative design input, and uses only the highest quality fabrics for a fraction of the price of lower quality suits at the average retail store.

Their target demographic is huge! They have had clients from teens to baby boomers! Satori Clothing believe’s that style doesn’t discriminate, so they won’t either. They love a challenge though, and some of their most important and loyal customers are those with extreme body types.  That includes anything from professional athletes to more petit individuals. What they want to do is give anyone–big, small, old, or young–the chance to express their unique personality through their clothing.

It is affordable for anyone, but especially designed for college students! Satori Clothier is entirely run by either current university students or recent graduates, so they understand the financial struggle that comes from being a college student.  Satori Clothier has even established a college student discount on suits and only a 50% order placement charge in order to accommodate any student’s budget! In addition, Satori Clothier offers only the best materials at these discount prices.  So even if your wallet is thin, they won’t make you sacrifice quality or design options because of it. They make formal wear for any occasion and have so far seen a lot of U of O students looking to buy suits for upcoming job interviews, graduations, internships, and greek life events. They have had a good number of suit enthusiasts that you are sure to see on campus showing off their custom Satori Clothier suits just for the fun of it!
Maxime Gaillard’s motivation for Satori Clothing first came to him in high school, and he gave me a brief description of the beginning thoughts and motivations for the company. “Firstly, as a high school wrestler and gym rat, I have always had a hard time finding dress shirts and suits that fit me. Secondly, I was also very tired of always having to choose from a very small collection of designs out there on the market. Finally, anyone that has ever shopped for formal wear knows that you better have stocked up the bank account before heading out to shop. I quickly found out that I wasn’t the only one that was experiencing these frustrations. I wanted to find a way to let anyone out there pick any style they wanted, have it fit them perfectly on the first try, and not have to eat hot ramen for weeks on end just to afford it.”
Interested in suiting up your handsome honey? Right now Satori Clothier has a limited time offer of 2 custom suits of any design for just $499.99, and they are also giving college students the chance to get all they need to look sharp on their upcoming job interviews, internships, and any other occasion by offering one custom two piece suit, one custom dress shirt, and one tie with matching cufflinks and pocket square all for just $399.99.  They are also offering an additional $10 off any first order to students that place their orders before the end of Spring Term!
You can find more info about Satori Clothier at www.satoriclothier.com or at facebook.com/satoriclothier.  They are a mobile business, so their expert stylists will meet any client at their most convenient locale, but they also do measurements by appointment at 275 S Garden Way, Eugene, OR 97401.  You can follow them on facebook at www.facebook.com/satoriclothier and at instagram.com/satori_clothier
Satori Clothier’s motto is “Your vision, your passion, our mission, our inspiration.” This means that Satori Clothier comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They have served over 50 clients so far have maintained 100% customer satisfaction across the board. Satori Clothier is so confident that your clothes will fit perfectly that they offer to pay for any alterations if necessary.
So what are you waiting for, fellow collegiettes?!  Go and up your man’s swag level with the best that Eugene has to offer; Satori Clothier with Maxime Gaillard!
Sophomore journalism student at the University Of Oregon.
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