The Bratz Challenge has my Inner Child Shook

When I was little, it was Bratz or bust. Sure, I liked Polly Pockets and I maybe had a Barbie or two, but it was all about Bratz dolls for me. I adored their makeup, luscious lips, outrageous fashion and spunky attitude.

Recently, a new trend called the “Bratz challenge” has been hitting the Instagram popular page. It’s a viral challenge where you imitate a Bratz doll’s fashion and makeup look. When I was little, I wanted to wear glittery and bright makeup and furry and sparkly outfits like the dolls, and seeing people doing exactly this is so exciting for that piece of me that’s still inside.

The dolls that many people are imitating are customized Bratz dolls by different artists, including Martin Cantos. Cantos has customized and photographed dolls inspired by music videos and fashion trends, such as Ariana Grande’s pink and sparkly look in her “7 Rings” music video (pictured below). The online community of Bratz doll fans are definitely getting their long overdue exposure in the world of beauty and fashion, which is always looking to create and bring back new styles.

Many beauty gurus and social media influencers have tried this challenge, including James Charles (pictured below), NikkieTutorials and Promise Phan (Michelle Phan’s sister-in-law, for those who recognize the name).

It’s time to leave dangerous and harmful challenges like “Birdbox Challenge” and “Tide Pod Challenge” in 2018 and move on to fun and creative challenges like the Bratz challenge this year. Unleash your inner 2000’s kid and give it a try!