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From Boys to Men: Our Favorite Crushes All Grown Up

Ladies, can we all admit that we had unstoppable crushes for those heartthrobs we grew up watching on TV or listening to their music?  Let’s please take a minute to appreciate how age took these guys from boys to men.

Zac Efron

It all began when Zac Efron was known as Troy Bolton in the series of High School Musical movies. How could a girl resist that puppy dog face and blue eyes?

Fast-forward a few years and BAM. Age worked in favor for Zac Efron. He went from that puppy dog cutie to a handsome, clean-cut man. 

Nick Jonas

Now if I am being honest, Nick Jonas was not always my favorite Jo Bro...

But after seeing his latest pictures, I may have to reassess who my favorite is.

Justin Timberlake

His NSYNC days had girls feeling some type of way.

Take that boy band singer and add acting, being a record producer, business man, and philanthropist with a big dash of handsome, and you have the ultimate package.

Ryan Gosling

I first came across Ryan Gosling when he was in Remember the Titans;  it was love at first sight.

He then was in the movie The Notebook and his career just went uphill. Look at him now!

Jesse McCartney

Many of us have repeatedly listened to Jesse McCartney’s song "Beautiful Soul." Maybe even shed a tear or two back in those middle school days.

And after ditching the blonde highlights and shaggy hair, it’s easy to say he cleans up very well. 

Just when you think it can't get any better... they get more handsome with age! 

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