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Bars in Eugene Outside Taylor’s or Rennie’s

Maybe it’s because you and the bouncers at Taylor’s are on way too familiar terms, or maybe it’s because you know your ex is always at Max’s, or maybe it’s because you can’t stop yourself from buying cheesy bacon tater tots when you’re at Rennies. Either way, you’re looking for some change on your next bar crawl. Here are some great hangouts for when you’re out on the town– not on campus.

Davis Restaurant & Bar:

Located in the heart of downtown on Broadway and Olive, Davis has the classic American bar feel with a touch of fancypants added to it. While you’re there geting your drink on, they have a great selection of food such as baked mac n’ cheese, quesadillas, fish n’ chips, or a good ol’ cheeseburger. Happy hours are Monday thru Friday from 3-6 PM.


Sam Bond’s Garage:

If you like live music, then Sam Bond’s is definitely the place for you. Every night they have a music act going and whether or not it’s any good depends on the day, but what really matters is that Sam Bond’s is inclusive of everyone and has a really intimate setting where you feel like you’re part of a community. It is definitely reflective of its location in the Whiteaker area, so you’ll get some characters and a good beer. (Note: bring your vegetarian/vegan friends here! They’ve got vegan pizza!) Happy hours are Tuesday thru Sunday from 4-7 PM.


Bier Stein:

This year, the Stein recently relocated their modest place by Cheba Hut to a bigger venue on 16th and Willamette, but don’t let that fool you– it’s almost always packed there. Bier Stein has one of the largest– if not the largest– selection of bottled beer in town. You could get something local or maybe something from Germany, whatever you fancy (I’m particular to Lindemann’s Lambic Framboise, it’s basically Belgian raspberry soda). You can also see the dozen of draft beers they have with them in real time on their flatscreen. Neato. Hungry? Order one of their delicious paninis!


Izakaya Meiji Company:

In Japanese, izakaya means a drinking establishment with some food to accompany it. Most izakaya places in the U.S. will have small dishes (like tapas) such as yakitori (skewers) or kara-age (fried chicken or octopus) as well as some sushi. Meiji’s puts their Whiteaker spin on izakaya style with a great whiskey collection and some great cocktails. It’s a pretty hip place that will always be packed, but it’s worth it. Their happy hour is every day from 5-6 PM as well as a late happy hour from 10 PM-1 AM.


Agate Alley Bistro:

Okay, it’s not exactly off campus… but what is better than Thirsty Thursday drink wheel night?! (Hint: nothing.)

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