Are We Our Own Biggest Obstacle?

A lot of the time being discouraged stems from our own doubts within ourselves. It is easy to fall into the cycle of “I’m not good enough,” “I can’t do that,” or “I wish that was me.” Starting off with such negativity only sets us back. We are our own biggest obstacle. Mindset is everything. A positive outlook can influence ones life for the better. Instead of starting something with doubts, go into it with optimism and be ready for whatever is to come. Ask yourself..."How bad do I want something?" "What am I going to do to achieve it?" "How will I get there?"

For example, running. Most times our body will tell us to quit before our mind does. Mindset is strong. Usually on a run or when completing any task really, we often want to quit or cut it short because we think it’s too hard or boring. If you begin a run or task it is crucial to set goals. You will be ready to accomplish feats and so much can be achieved. Changing your mindset is so powerful and life changing. Changing “no I can't” to “yes I can” is making strides in a more positive direction. The mind is strong and once the mind is in the right space, the body and soul will follow it.