Apple Watch: Honest Opinion

I first got my Apple Watch for Christmas of 2017. It was kind of one of those things where I did not know what else to ask for and it was something I didn’t already have. I love new technology, and staying up to date with latest technology trends so I thought why not. I got the series 3 light grey watch with the Fog sports band.


My honest opinion about the Apply Watch is that now that I have it, I didn’t know I couldn’t live without it. This device is life changing. Here’s why:

1. It’s a spy watch

You can take phone calls from your watch, text on your watch using your finger, voice, or automated replies,  you can even use it in a pool or in the shower. Its the most convenient thing for when you're in a rush, it’s perfect for texting in class when your professor doesn’t let you use technology, its convenient when your phone is deep in your backpack or in your pocket and you just want to know the time, and it makes me use my phone less. When I’m waiting for an important text I am no longer checking my phone every five seconds, I know when I get the vibration on my wrist and my stress levels I think have lowered because of that feature.

2. The battery life is insane

I charge it once a day for 20 minutes and it has never died. I plug it in in the morning while I get ready for class and its fully charged by the time I am done. At the end of the day it is probably anywhere from 55%-80% still charged. I wore it for a full weekend and it was at 22% when I got home. And when you plug it in it acts as a night stand clock and when it feels a vibration (of you hitting your nightstand or something) it turns on and tells you the time then goes back to black.

3. It tracks my work outs and my sleep

I have learned so much about my sleep patterns from the watch. I have also learned a lot about my daily exercise habits. The watch gives you daily goals to help you stay healthy and close your rings. The days I close all my rings I feel so accomplished and healthy.

4. It goes with everything

I have never had a problem pairing the watch with an outfit AND I HAVE ONE BAND! It is a truly incredible specimen. Its sleek design and neutral colors make it parable with everything.


5. It is extremely customizable: You can change your band, your watch face, your apps, and your goals everyday if you wanted to.