All the Feels of Group Messages


Saturday and Sunday morning filled with non-stop notifications about what happen the previous night.

You and your long distance friends bond over memes and vines forever
The key to any friendship.
Internally you’re dying when there are just two people having a conversation
You leave your phone for five minutes and you return to a 100 new messages
The never ending struggle of who gets the last final say of the title of the group message
And how you feel when your idea is the winner.
There’s always one who responds couple hours way after the conversation ended
What could possibly be more important than this? 
Shedding a tear having to waste data to include that one friend with an Android 
Pls get with the program
Trying to make any plans is a nightmare 
 Seven: The average number of times you have to answer “what time again?”
But they’re always there to help you decide on an Instagram filter or caption
And on your bad days they’re always there to listen to you rant
Whether you're caught in an love hate relationship with group messages, the people in them make it all worth in the end.