Adulting on Social Media

Adulting on Social Media 

These days, by taking a glance at someone’s Instagram feed or twitter profile, you can make a quick judgment on who they are as a person. In college, you must leave the immature posting of your high school days in the past and clean it up.

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Be incredibly mindful of what you post, because your photos and captions online become a part of your brand as a professional. Obviously social media was meant to be a creative tool that allows you to network with family and friends, but use it to network with professionals as well. Make your Instagram a platform where a potential employer could look you up and see your personality, but also see your interest in the field associated with your major.

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Sure, tweet a picture of your dog, but on the next tweet attach a link to an interesting article. It’s all about finding a balance between the social and professional world. A great way to gauge whether or not to post a photo, tweet or status is to ask yourself if your future boss would like it. Social media can be a creative professional outlet, or your downfall to not landing a job because of an inappropriate post.