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The anticipation has been killing you. After hours of studying and cramming for tests, Spring Break is FINALLY here! You might feel ready to hit the road with your best friends, but don’t be caught without these road trip essentials.

1. In between all the naps and fast food, the long hours on the road can take a toll on your breath. Bring along some gum, or better yet, some powerful Listerine strips. Either of these will spare everyone else in the car.


2. Speaking of hygiene, a little antiperspirant never hurt. It can feel crowded in a car full of people, and you don’t want to be the one sweating all over your friends. Stock up on travel-sized deodorant for only a couple of bucks each. 


3. This one almost goes without saying:

Bring. Your. Ipod.

This is crucial for when everyone else gets on your nerves (which will happen, I assure you). Your iPod is your savior, and music will fulfill about 90 percent of your road trip.


4. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks. Did I mention the importance of snacks?


5. Pack the Pillow Pet, the Snuggie, and get comfy!


6. Toilet paper – because when you have to go, you have to go.


7. Without a doubt, you will need a phone car charger. You never know when you’ll have to call AAA because you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, or when a GPS will be your new best friend.  


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Hi, my name is Claire! I'm a sophomore at UO, and loving every minute of it! I enjoy photography, dance, and travelling to new places around the world.