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7 Feminist Anthems for Your Women’s History Month Playlist

Being born in March, I am blessed to share my bday month with the history of inspirational women of the world. We all love a good girl power playlist, so here are some hits to pump up your fierce.

1. Woman by Kesha

I’m a motherf*cking woman, baby, that’s right! Kesha says it better than anyone else. This song showcases that women are phenomenal and boss AF. I seriously have played this song on a loop for half an hour. I just love that trumpet riff.


2. God Is A Woman by Ariana Grande

This sultry hit proves that women are powerful and ethereal, with Grande’s association of God as a woman. The music video to this song is also extremely powerful, with Grande embracing her sexuality and pushing the haters out of the way because, honey, women don’t have time to pay attention to haters. We’re busy getting sh*t done.


3. Hard Out Here by Lily Allen

In the music industry, it seems as if men are applauded for singing about sex and can look like a mess, while Allen, who has had children and isn’t in her early 20s, is criticized. She sings that she should be able to talk about sex and be able to be comfortable in her own body. It really is hard out here for a b*tch.


4. Girl Power by the Cheetah Girls

OK, honestly… I really wanted to put every song from Cheetah Girls on this list, but I had to make room for other hits, but honestly Cinderella and Cheetah Sisters are a close second to this song being the best. When this movie came out, I absolutely loved it. I saw four women of different backgrounds and cultures come together and praise girl power. Cheetah Girls is honestly such an important movie. Girl power is amazing and this song is such a bop. There is no reason this shouldn’t be played every single day.


5. Das Me by Brooke Candy

Brooke Candy a.k.a “Hoodrat Drew Barrymore” sings about the power of female sexuality. She embraces being a slut and reclaiming the word. Being proud of your body and being open about sex is valid.


6. ICY GRL by Saweetie

Girl. Boss. Anthem. Saweetie does not have time for drama. She’s making bank. This song is for boss babes everywhere focused on getting that green.


7. Wannabe by Spice Girls

The literal feminist anthem of the 90s. This song had everyone singing “if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends”, because friends are everything. The Spice Girls told the world not to let boys get in the way of you and your friends, because they will always be there for you.


Women’s History March is important to honor those who paved the way for women’s rights and liberation everywhere, but there is still so much work to be done. Put in your headphones, play these songs, and write to your representatives.

I am a freshman at University of Oregon with a focus in Sociology. My interests span from entertainment and beauty to political issues and sexual wellness. I also love to write, watch movies, and make art.
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