Trader Joe'S

6 Must Haves from Trader Joes

One of my favorite things about Trader Joes is their unique and broad product selection. Lots of options and choices all packed into a pretty small space. Even if you find shopping enjoyable, it can still be overwhelming at times with decisions looming everywhere. Through much trial and error, I've discovered some of my go-to items from Trader Joe's. Finding both healthy and cost effective items can be a chore, but more often than not Trader Joe's checks both those boxes. If you’re looking to mix up your food purchases or to simply try out some new products this list is for you:


1. Sprouted Tofu

This sprouted Tofu is the perfect protein for any vegetarian as well as anyone who happens to love tofu. What I love about this particular tofu is the texture and how easily you can cut it into bite size chunks. It’s perfect for adding protein to any stir-fry or salad. Or, to switch it up, even try to add taco seasoning and use to make tacos!


2. Icelandic Plain Yogurt

This creamy yogurt comes in different flavors, so don’t worry if you don’t enjoy plain yogurt. I am not a huge yogurt fan, but the rich and creamy texture of this yogurt won me over. And you can’t beat the low price


3. Frozen Vegetables

From my favorite frozen brusel sprouts to broccoli to edamame with corn and peppers, Trader Joe’s has a wide selection of low priced frozen   vegetables. Just fry them up on the stove with a stirfry or bake in the oven with olive oil for an easy side dish!


4. Organic Dried Mango

Trader Joes has a great selection of dried fruit in general, but their organic dried mango is the perfect healthy snack. Not to mention, a bag of dried mango is only 3.99. 


5. Almond/Oat/Soy/Milk

From their plain almond milk to their silky tumeric ginger coconut beverage, Trader Joe's has you covered! If you're seeking a dairy alternative milk, there are plenty of options out there. The oat beverage at Trader Joe's is one of my favorites, being both rich and flavorful, it's the perfect addition to a cup of coffee or a berry smoothie. And it's friendly on the wallet!


6.  Frozen berries

Whether you're craving strawberries or a mix of summer berries in the dead of winter, Trader Joe's has a variety of bagged frozen fruit at a reasonable price. Buying fresh fruit can be spendy, and frozen fruit is a healthy and cost effective way to get your berry fix! I recommend mixing a cup of berries with the icelandic yogurt for a sweet and tart breakfast!