5 Ways to Achieve ‘Halloweentown’ Status in Your Home

5 Ways to Achieve ‘Halloweentown’ Status in Your Home

By Brittany Bosworth

Tis’ the season of colors, candles and candy. We can’t wait for that special night where we get to celebrate all things spooky and live our childhood dreams of being Marnie Piper with our one way ticket to Halloweentown. This October 31st is looking different than previous years but that doesn’t mean we can’t fill the emptiness of social gatherings with a little bit of fall spirit in our own home! Here are 5 fun and easy ways to get that ‘Halloweentown’ feeling before the 31st:

1. Candles

We all know that Bath and Body Works is a fall-candle hub and it’s not a surprise why! This year the candles feature a festive and spooky packaging with a smell that encapsulates the season. I took a trip to B & B Works earlier this month and have not been able to stop burning the candles! I recommend the Caramel Apple and Cider Lane scents, trust me...

2. Centerpieces

The first thing you notice when walking into your home is a centerpiece! Whether it's on the coffee or dinner table a festive centerpiece will definitely get you in the spirit of the season! Pinterest has the best DIY ideas. From decorative cauldrons to festive flowers, centerpieces will get your house up to Piper Family standards in no time.

3. Blankets

One of the most important aspects of fall is the simplicity of comfort. Fall is when we toss aside our swimsuits and immerse ourselves in sweaters, leggings and BLANKETS. A good horror movie is so much more enjoyable when you are covered from head to toe in your favorite blanket. Be festive with it! Beige, orange, black, knit, whatever fuels your fall perception!

4. Outside Decorations

Decorating the outside of my house was my top favorite thing to do come fall time. There is something so satisfying about covering your entire house in fake cobwebs! Grab those colored lights you used when parties existed and put them into your front porch lights to create a spooky ambience. Take your decorating to the next level and add a blowup six foot spider in your yard!

5. Festive Foods

There are so many amazing fall recipes to whip up this season. Not only will cooking amazing snacks, desserts and dishes be delicious but it will make your home smell so good! Some of my favorite treats to make this fall are pecan pie cheesecake and pumpkin pie. Another classic fall snack is to put those pumpkin seeds to good use by roasting them in the oven with some spice!