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5 Tips For Studying Abroad This Summer


Although Spring Term has just arrived here in Eugene, there’s no time like the present to start planning for your summer adventures! If you’re one of the many UO students who will be studying abroad this summer, start preparing now. Here are a few tips for those of you who will soon be heading overseas!


1. Plan Ahead

A few summers ago, I traveled to Africa. Before I left, I needed to update my passport, get numerous vaccines, make flight plans, etc. There were so many crucial details that I hadn’t really thought about until the trip was fast approaching. Don’t be like me and wait until the last minute to get all of those pesky tasks done. You do not need to add extra stress to your life, especially before you leave for a trip that should be fun and full of adventures! Get everything done in advance, so when the time comes for you to leave, you’ll be totally prepared!



2. Learn Their Lingo

Even though most foreigners know a good amount of English, you don’t want to be stuck in a position where you’re lost and unable to communicate with anyone! Assuming you’re going to a country where English is not the native language, start learning some basic words and phrases of the country’s language. This can help you in case of emergency, help you find your way around if you’re lost, and overall help you be safe and make friends!



3. Money Matters

You don’t want to have to miss out on fun activities and adventures abroad just because you didn’t budget wisely now! Start saving pronto, and keep track of your expenses while you’re away. Have fun, but be realistic and keep an eye on what you’re spending! 


4. Keep a Journal or Blog

You will make some unforgettable memories while you’re overseas. But just to keep track of all the little details, and to revisit your special memories in the years to come, keep a journal or blog! You will most likely forget some key points, so write them down now and keep those memories safe for life.



5. Go With The Flow

You’ve probably heard about all of the things you ‘have to do!’ However, if you try to plan out every single weekend, and try to hit every recommended spot, you might not leave enough time for spontaneous opportunities! Leave a bit of wiggle room in your schedule to keep yourself available for some impromptu shenanigans.


Keeping all of these tips in mind, you’re bound to have the adventure of a lifetime! Have fun and be safe! 

A current senior at UO, Catie spends most of her time stressing about post-grad plans, or procrastinating by watching HGTV shows (Fixer Upper, anyone?). A self-proclaimed caffeine and candy addict, Catie's loves include puppies and sunshine. You can find her in local coffeeshops or soaking up her last few months in Eugene. 
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