5 Swimsuit Styles To Make A Statement

What's up ladies! It's almost summer time and you know what time that is...time to put on your swimsuits and have a blast in the sun! Here's some awesome swimsuit-inspo ideas if you want a fabulous new suit that always makes an entrance. 



Flowers and bright colors always brighten up a pool party or beach scene. Whether you want a ruffle, one flower or a few, floral prints are always a summer favorite. This swimsuit from Forever 21 is so cute and definitely within a college budget.


Off Shoulder or One Shoulder

Off the shoulder or one shoulder suits are so trendy right now, and I’m actually obsessed with it. If you don’t want a crazy print but still want to leave an impression, these suit styles can be neutral and elegant. I absolutely love this suit from Macy's.  


Cut Out

Ohhh gurl! Cutouts are hot af! I’ve never had a cut-out suit, but all my friends do, and they are super fun and exemplify such confidence. If you end up getting a cut-out suit, make sure you wear lots of sunscreen so you don’t get a funky tan-line. This style from Old Navy is one of my favs!


Color Block

Color block suits bring me back to when I was at my 8th grade graduation party and wore a color block suit and my crush said hi to me. ~swoon~ So, they’re good luck, right? Whether they are or not, these suits give the perfect “pop” of color ever pool and beach party always needs. Just picture yourself walking into a pool party with this Pink Queen suit on! Hot! 



Lastly, mesh is so dang cool! It gives off a “badass biker girl” kind of vibe. If you're not really into the big color statements and leaning towards a more neutral suit, mesh suits usually come in black or solid colors. They look great and definitely pour out confidence. This suit from Venus is fabulous!