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5 Reasons Why You Should be Obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is arguably one of the most talented actors of our time. He has been nominated for numerous awards, he supports his fellow actor friends, he spends his free time saving the planet… Let’s face it: he may not consider our fan-girling attitude to be “girlfriend” material, but we could settle for a best friend title.

5. Jack Dawson is the perfect boyfriend: Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of Jack Dawson in The Titanic was–dare I say–Oscar worthy. Jack Dawson was an incredible artist who was painfully honest and sought adventure and didn’t care about living a luxurious life. He kept you on your toes, but you knew deep down that he would always be there loving you for who you were. Oh, and, he died for the girl he loved. Do we even need to mention how good-looking Leonardo DiCaprio was as a 23 year-old?

4. These Pictures:

 Ohhh… That smoudler!

3. He uses his stardom for good: Leonardo DiCaprio continuously raises money for charity and speaks on behalf of numerous conservation groups in order to save our planet. Next week, he is teaming up with artists to auction off priceless pieces of art (most going for over $1 million) with all proceeds going to different environmental conservation projects. Not many celebrities can see past their own careers, so it is comforting to know that he uses his celebrity status to create a more sustainable earth.

2. He and Tobey Maguire are longtime friends: Not only do they live next door to each other, but their friendship began some 25 years ago. They met as child actors, and DiCaprio immediately knew that he wanted to be Maguire’s friend. They apparently consult with each other on every project they consider. Before The Great Gatsby they had only done two other movies together, but they have always remained partners in crime. According to an interview done by The Huffington Post, while filming The Great Gatsby they often fled to one another to ask for an opinion on their performance. Any room for a third best friend, guys?

1. The Great Gatsby: Need I say more? Leonardo DiCaprio captured the extraordinary essence that makes up Jay Gatsby. He proved that Gatsby could be romantic, hopeful, elegant, and compulsive all at the same time. The shift in Gatsby’s accent showcased his internal struggle of leaving behind his past as a poor farmer’s son and fully becoming the dapper man he always wanted to be. Gatsby threw the greatest of parties for others to enjoy, while always hoping that his lost love would dance through his doorway and in to his arms. DiCaprio encompassed every trait that F. Scott-Fitzgerald created Jay Gatsby to have. The cheers from the audience when Jay Gatsby revealed himself to Nicky Carraway were a clear indication that Leonardo DiCaprio had once again exceeded expectations and become the wonder that we know to be The Great Jay Gatsby.

If you’re not obsessed yet, remember that he is a dog lover, dates Victoria’s Secret models, and is frequently seen spending time with his mom. And here is one more picture to intrigue your mind…

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