5 Reasons Why Corgis are the Best

1. The most obvious reason… THEY HAVE THE BEST BUTTS! How can you not love a dog who shakes their butt like that?? If you ever need a great dance partner, find yourself a Corgi!

2. They are great workout partners. Whoever said that corgis aren't athletic dogs is wrong! Just because they have little legs doesn't mean they don't have speed too! 

3. Corgis look the best in any costume! These dogs can pull off ANYTHING. Toss on a wig, sunglasses, or a little suit and Corgis will rock it like no other!

4. They are the cutest little potatoes. You can’t forget about their adorable little legs and perky ears! When you get a Corgi, you make another best friend. Corgis are extremely loveable, kind, and make great cuddle buddies!

5. There is a whole day dedicated to them! Corgi Beach Day is always the best day of the year. The SoCal Corgi Beach Day is the most popular of the current ones. Not only are there hundreds of Corgis, but there is also a talent portion, best outfit contest, and other entertainment!  For you Oregon Corgi lovers, there is a Corgi Beach Day at Cannon Beach, Oregon. Dates vary so keep yourself updated so you don't miss out on Corgi heaven!