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5 Reasons Why 21st Birthdays Are Overrated

1. You’ve tried alcohol before

Odds are if you’re in college or have been to a party while in high school, you’ve come across alcohol before, and odds are you’ve tried it. Twenty-first birthdays really just mean you can join some of your friends in a special building to drink the same alcohol.

2. 21ers are awkward

Your friends invited people they think you're close to over to celebrate you going off to the bars, maybe they invited the wrong people, maybe they won’t show up, maybe it’ll blow up, 21ers are weird pre-games with a lot of pressure.

3. It’s expensive

Bars are expensive. That’s how restaurants make their money. Just go to Costco to buy in bulk and pregame the bars so you won’t have to pay $8 for a beer. Especially during the holidays or special events, I have seen shots sell for a whooping $20 each. No tiny drink is worth that much money.

4. There’s a pressure to go out more 

Once you’re 21 there’s no excuse to stay in. You suddenly find yourself having to go to happy hours, trivia nights and bowling (since when did we bowl?!) all because you can now. And let me tell you, it adds up.

5. It doesn’t make sense

You wake up one morning being able to go buy a beer. Meanwhile the night before you couldn't or you would've gotten in trouble with the law and probably gotten an MIP. At 18 you can vote, serve your country, do porn, be a stripper, get married, get a tattoo, smoke cigarettes, but you absolutely CANNOT have beer at your wedding. The law doesn’t make sense.

So cheers to the newly 21ers out there, but beware of the 

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