5 Reasons the Quiet Friend is Underrated

I’m not sure when or how, but sometime in the last year I’ve found that the word “quiet” has gained a negative connotation. Maybe it’s the fast-paced environment of a large college. Maybe it’s typical of a generation that was raised to perform their life on social media. Maybe it’s because loud people are typically the most popular. Regardless of why, being “quiet” has somehow become an undesirable quality in my mind. Call me crazy, but lately I've been feeling that this perception is entirely twisted. Lately, I've been feeling that quietness is completely underrated. Yes, loud friends are special and necessary for multiple purposes—like introducing you to new people and pushing you out of your comfort zone. However, quiet friends are just as necessary and should be valued for their own beautiful qualities. I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have calming friendships in my life to balance out the crazy. Here are five reminders why you should be treating those special, reserved people in your life right.

1. They actually listen when you talk (instead of just waiting for you to finish).

We all know those people whose eyes glaze over when the conversation isn’t about them, and we all know how nice it is to have someone who just listens instead. Thanks, quiet friends. Seriously.

2. You can do homework, listen to music, or read around them without worrying about being entertaining enough.

Talking is hard, especially during the lazy hours of the day when even small talk seems draining. Thanks, quiet friends, for functioning just fine without constant attention.

3. They rarely ever brag about their life or overshare, so you're always learning new things about them.

Each day is a treat as you watch your shy friend slowly become more comfortable around you. Bonus, you get to hear hilarious backstories that you would never expect from someone so reserved.

4. They’re beautiful examples of confidence. They don’t need the spotlight to know their worth as individuals.

How cool is it to know someone so sure of themselves that they don’t need other people for validation? Instead, they find peace in who they are.

5. You can spend hours upon hours with them without getting tired.

Time with a quiet friend can be as relaxing as being by yourself—except better, because you’re with a great person.