A 420 Party to Satisfy Your Munchies

As the month of April progresses, the cannabis community in Eugene, Oregon is gearing up for its annual 420 festivities. People tend to view April 20th as a holiday for stoners. Mostly, this consists of dispensaries setting up various sales and promotional events, while individual stoners preparing to smoke or consume copious amounts of marijuana.

However, one establishment stands out from the rest, as it hosts one of the only non-age-restricted events associated with the day. Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs, ironically located on the corner of 11th Ave and High Street in Eugene, is a marijuana-themed sandwich shop that hosts a yearly 420 party. It’s just about as family-friendly as a cannabis-oriented event can be, and features activities such as eating contests involving large prizes, live music, glass blowing, along with discounted prices on their in-house menu. The employees look forward to the yearly affair as a way to build ties and bring people together.

Among the most excited are owner Joshua Donaldson and general manager Erik McCluskey. “My goal for this year is to ensure every guest that comes in has an amazing time and enjoys all that 420 is about,” says Donaldson. They claim that the parties allow the restaurant to spread their values as well as get the word out about the shop. “A huge part of parties is getting the town to get to know what we are about,” says McCluskey. “Great food, one of a kind experience, and treating people the way we would want to be treated.” The pair claims that the restaurant is not only about producing stellar food, but also spreading love and compassion throughout the community. “It’s a great time to grow with the community and create long-term relationships. Cheba Hut Eugene is already amazing and will only expand in the near future,” McCluskey continues. He concludes his statement with, “Peace and love.”

Cheba Hut has many locations across Oregon, California, Colorado, and Arizona. All of them host similar parties.