10 Places to Eat in Eugene

1. Mio Sushi

If you are looking for some yummy and affordable sushi, check out Mio located at the Oakway Center. Coming from someone who is a picky sushi eater, Mio offers a wide selection of tasty sushi, sashimi, and rolls. Don’t forget about the bomb appetizers too!

  • My personal favorite: The Heart Attack is a great appetizer to start with. For those spicy tuna lovers - this dish will melt in your mouth.
  • Most popular dish: Salmon Based: Mt. Fuji and Mt. Rainier (can't go wrong with either). For a tuna based roll go with the Ahi Tataki.

2. Cheba Hut

I love this place! Hands down, one of my top 3 favorite places to eat. Cheba Hut has the best toasted subs, with so many different options to choose from. They have a unique and creative theme to their restaurant and menu that is a must-see! Aside from their amazing sandwiches, they have incredible staff and customer service. The workers are always happy and ready to help.

  • My personal favorite: For my ranch lovers… If I could live off the White Widow, I would. The White Widow is mouthwatering. Add a couple sides of ranch and you are good to go!
  • Most popular dish: I recommend asking the person working what their favorite is. Every sandwich has its own twist so you can't go wrong with whatever you choose.

3. Off the Waffle

With both sweet and savory waffle options, this is the place to go if you’re a breakfast person. They offer specialty waffles with a variety of gourmet toppings. From bacon and eggs to Nutella and berries, they have anything and everything you are in the mood for.

  • My personal favorite: The Ol’ Banana Split. A meal that includes Vanilla ice cream and chocolate, how can you say no??
  • Most popular dish: Goat in Headlights is a popular choice for many. This savory dish combines ingredients to make the perfect savory breakfast waffle.

4. Beppe and Gianni’s

If you are looking to have a fancier night, head over to Beppe's and enjoy some amazing Italian food. While it is a little pricey, it is definitely worth treating yourself.

  • My personal favorite: I love anything seafood, so my favorite is the Vongole Alla Trattoria. This dish consists of fresh clams, mussels, and vegetables, which are all steamed in a broth of white wine.
  • Most popular dish: Try the fresh Ravioli Del Giorno that is handmade daily! Hint: Ask your server for that day's selection.

5. Jazzy Ladies Cafe

Check out this one of a kind cafe for a delicious breakfast. Jazzy Ladies offers a menu filled with gluten-free options and food that is made from scratch. The friendly and cozy atmosphere is a bonus!

  • My personal favorite: Grandma's Cinnamon Roll is the best! I recommend getting the melted butter on top… it will make it even better.
  • Most popular dish: Any of the waffle combinations.

6. Beergarden

This place is awesome! The beer garden is very laid back; a casual go-to place that has a massive patio with several food trucks. It is the perfect place for those of you who like your options. And for everyone 21+, check out the indoor bar area for lots of beer options. This is a great place for drinks and dinner after a long day of classes.

  • My personal favorite: Moi Poki. This food truck is a great choice for poke lovers. They offer a bowl or burrito option too! Fun fact: they have live music on Thursdays and Saturdays from 7:30 - 9:30 PM!

7. The Vintage

If you haven't already, check out this super cute house that was transformed into a restaurant. The Vintage is a great place for dinner with the visiting family, perhaps a date, or even a night out with friends. Also, a perfect place to take those trendy food pictures for Instagram!

  • My personal favorite: The California Club crepe is simple and great. It has all your basic breakfast needs.
  • Most popular dish: Any of the crepes are amazing. The benedict special for breakfast is a must, too!

8. Café 440

This café has quality food prepared by quality cooks! The portions are perfect, leaving you plenty of room for dessert (you will want to try their desserts). Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Café 440 provides great drinks and home-style food.

  • My personal favorite: House-made Tomato Soup with grilled cheese. Who doesn’t love a warm bowl of soup after a long, cold, rainy day?
  • Most popular dish: BBQ Pork Nachos. You do not want to miss out on this huge plate of nachos!! Very tasty and perfect for sharing.  

9. MOD pizza

Sometimes making your own pizza is the way to go and MOD does exactly that! Head over to MOD and make your own pizza for under $8! Bonus: go in with your friends on your birthday and you get a free milkshake and pizza!!

10. The Whiteaker District

This neighborhood in Eugene provides a variety of food options. From food trucks to restaurants, the Whit has it all! I listed a couple must try places.

Subo (Sushi Burritos)

If you are a sushi lover like me, then you have to go check out this food truck ASAP. Subo has the best sushi burritos around. But wait, there’s more! You have the option of a burrito, rice bowl, or even nachos! Choose one from the menu or build-your-own - either way, you'll be in sushi heaven.

  • My personal favorite: The Dragon Sushi Burrito. It comes with a couple different types of fish and it fills you up. Don't forget to add some avocado!
  • Most popular dish: This is a tough one because they are all amazing, but you can't go wrong with the Samurai, Black Widow, or Dragon. Tip: Ask which sauce they recommend for whichever item you choose. 

Papa’s Soul Food

For those of you looking for the best comfort food in Eugene, check out Papa's! Papa’s has unique BBQ dishes and large portions, not to mention occasional live music - making this an overall entertaining restaurant.

  • My personal favorite: The mac and cheese is bomb. Even though it is just a side, you need to try it. A perfect balance between creamy and cheesy.
  • Most popular dish: The soul burger is unique and flavorful - very different from your usual burger. It consists of a smoked pork patty with slaw and fried onions. Also, it’s important that you remember to get a side of corn bread with your meal!