Winter Break Bucket List: Corvallis Edition

Are you stuck in Corvallis this winter break wondering what to do with all of your newly found free time? Fear not! There’s plenty you can do here this time of year to get into the holiday spirit and have a little fun getting to know your town even better. Though there may be fewer students, parties and events on campus there are still plenty of things to explore here in Corvallis!

1. Check out the Pastega Christmas Light Display

The Pastega Christmas Lights Display that was previously located at the Pepsi plant here in town has now moved to the Benton County Fair Grounds. It has been a tradition here since 1981 and the display is continuously maintained by community members and sponsors. You can see characters ranging from the traditional Santa, Frosty the Snowman and Jesus to our own beloved Benny the Beaver, Disney characters like Donald and Minnie, and a whole slew of other familiar faces. The lights run from November 28th until Christmas Day from 4:30 - 10pm so be sure to check them out before they’re gone until next year!

2. Shop the Artisan Market at the Arts Center

If you’re still looking for a gift for a friend who is artsy, has good taste or simply has a creative flair be sure to check out the artisan market at the Arts Center. From November 28th to December 31st their holiday crafts and displays will be proudly shown and you can shop some of the handcrafted treasures you find there. You don’t want to miss this!

3. Support the Athletes of Beaver Nation and check out a game or two!

Our Men’s Basketball team has home games coming up on December 18th and 30th, as well as on the 8th and the 11th of January. Our Wrestling team has meets coming up on the 10th and the 17th of January, so you’ll also be able to catch them right at the start of winter term when you don’t have quite so much work to do yet. Finally, last but not least our Women’s Basketball Team has their Civil War game against Oregon on January 9th and a game against Washington State on the 16th. Be sure to get there and be ready to cheer on our teams and have some fun!

4. Christmas on Greek Row

If you want to see even more lights this Christmas be sure to check out the displays right here on campus! Several fraternities and sororities have their trees lit up, their front yards decorated, and plenty of twinkle lights and stars. Check out the houses on Monroe Avenue and those on 25th and 26th and Van Buren for the biggest clusters and then branch out and check out the rest of the lights around town from there!

5. Candy Cane Lane

Right out on 35th Street between Taylor and Tyler Ave a row of houses and a group of neighbors transform this little section of Corvallis into Candy Cane Lane. Large plastic candy canes line the street and lights and decorations are everywhere. Be sure to take a picture as you walk past this splendid display and sip on some more hot cocoa or tea as you bundle up and think of the beauty of the holidays all around.

6. Take a Hike!

There are lots of places to hike and explore here in Corvallis, with just a few being the Peavy Arboretum, Mary’s Peak, Chip Ross and the McDonald-Dunn Research Forest. If you simply want a short walk, check out Avery Park near campus or Central Park downtown.

7. Eat a lot.

Be sure to check out all the holiday cookies and drink specials at Dutch Bros, New Morning Bakery and various other establishments downtown and show your visiting friends where to find some delicious treats.

8. Relax

Finally, and quite possibly most importantly, be sure to relax! For many of us students finals can truly take all the energy out of us. You drink more caffeine, get less sleep and study until everything becomes a blur, so take time to watch that Netflix show, go to your favorite restaurant downtown, walk your dog and just take a quick pause!

We hope these tips help you explore Corvallis a little more and enjoy your break! Comment below if you know of any additional events or destinations in town to check out this winter break!