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Top 3 Places for Food in Oregon


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It’s hard to find a restaurant that has everything you want. There are tons of places that you can get one good thing, but here’s a list of three restaurants where you can get a little bit of everything you want: good coffee, good food, and more choices for beer than you can imagine!

The Screen Door, Portland

I kid you not, if there was a place you wanted to eat at every single day, this would be it. The Screen Door is known for serving the most southern style cuisine in Oregon. They have amazing Chicken and Waffles and even better Bananas Foster (be warned — you will feel hungry again about two hours after eating this because it is ALL sugar). The key to getting a table at this restaurant is either getting there right when it opens or taking your chances and waiting in the always long line. Even if it takes 45 minutes to be seated, which it very well might, the wait is always worth it! Not to mention the artsy pictures you can get for Instagram.

Sky High Brewing, Corvallis

Whether you want to get a beer with friends or go to a nice dinner, Sky High is the place for you — and it is right here in Corvallis! There are three levels to the restaurant. and if you’re going there for a date try to sit on the top floor outside. They have outdoor heating so even if it’s chilly out you’ll still feel toasty, plus the lights they have set up outside are beautiful, and you get sights of the stars and city. Extra bonus, nothing on the dinner menu is over $20! If the wait is longer than expected walk around a few blocks, you can find cute shops all over Corvallis!


Henry’s Tavern, Portland

They may be known for their beer, but Henry’s lunch and dinner menu should be just as well-known! Your best bet at this restaurant is to get a reservation if you’re planning on going Friday or Saturday night. Before you even look at the menu, order some of the Gorgonzola waffle fries. While it might feel like your stomach is bursting, it will be bursting of happiness. There are simply no words to describe the Gorgonzola fries other than you have to get them. Customer service is great and Henry’s is the best for a night out with friends!

What are some of your favorite restaurants to go to around Oregon? Let us know in the comments below!

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