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Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is not only an extremely talented actor, but he’s also a gorgeous human being inside and out. Here are the reasons Jake wins the Oscar for stealing our hearts!

1. The gorgeous smile

Jake brightens the whole room with his classic, casual smirk that starts in his eyes and hits straight through your heart.

2. Mr. Hollywood

His movies are incredible, and he isn’t afraid to experiment with playing different characters. He has lived in a bubble, cruised the streets of LA as a cop, and even went after the famous Zodiac killer. If you get a chance, be sure to check out his newest release Nightcrawler.

3. Master of the facial hair

Whether he is clean-shaven, rocking a full on beard, or any stage in between, this man can do what he wants with his facial hair and still look great.

4. Family man

Not only is Jake a famous actor, but his entire family is also talented – especially his sister Maggie, who is also an amazing actress. The siblings are really close, and that’s really cute as well.

5. Three words: Rock. Hard. Abs.

Jake likes to stay active and works hard to maintain his muscular figure, unless he needs to lose weight for an onscreen role. We appreciate his active lifestyle and commitment to his health among many other things.

6. Philanthropist at heart

Gyllenhaal has a huge heart and has been fighting for all different kinds of causes such as HIV/AIDS research and human rights. He is also a big advocate for New Eyes for the Needy, and has given many of his glasses to the cause.

7. Puppies!

Jake has two dogs named Atticus and Boo that are named after characters from his favorite book, To Kill A Mockingbird. We love puppies, too, especially if they belong to good looking guys named Jake.

8. Godfather, not dad

He has no children of his own (yet), but he is the godfather of Matilda Ledger, Heath Ledgers daughter. He is also an uncle and loves kids, and we hope someday he has his own!

9. The boy’s got style

He knows how to dress up… but even more importantly, how to dress down. We love Jake in a suit but also in a simple white t-shirt and jeans. He’s always got it going on!

10. Silly Mr. Gyllenhaal

Jake has a great personality, and he is humorous on and off the big screen. Although he has been known to take on a lot more serious roles throughout his acting career, you can always see his true personality shine through in interviews.

Well, there you have it! If you weren’t convinced before, we hope you are now just as much in love with Jake as we are. Be sure to check out his newest film, Accidental Love, coming to a theater near you on February 10th!


Megan is an Oregon State University Alum with a degree in Merchandising Management. During her four years at OSU she helped found Chi Theta Phi, a local sorority with a focus on the design majors, where she held the ritual chair position her senior year. In addition to the sorority, she was the event coordinator for DAMchic magazine, the fashion publication at Oregon State, and has also been involved in costuming two plays for the OSU theatre. Megan enjoys binge watching tv shows on Netflix, doing arts and crafts, online shopping and catching up on sleep. She is obsessed with giraffes, mojitos, the color pink, reading, Halloween, purses, Las Vegas, singing in the shower, pop culture, gel nail polish, Mindy Kaling, the 90's, hedgehogs, quoting movies, trivia, candles, and live music, specifically the Backstreet Boys. This isn't goodbye, it's just see you later.
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