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Things to Say During the Super Bowl

This might be the first football game you’ve watched all year, and that is okay. But while you’re drinking some Bud Light (the official beer of the NFL) and sitting around the TV, here are some things you can mention to make it seem like you know what’s going on. Go sports!


First things first, the two teams this year are the New England Patriots, and Atlanta Falcons. And football is the sport with a brown ball and touchdowns.


You might know about the Patriots’ ball deflating scandal, but don’t bring it up. It’s super outdated, people are tired of hearing about it, and everyone will roll their eyes at you for referencing it.


Quarterback, Matt Ryan and receiver, Julio Jones have been standout players this season for the Falcons, mention their names as much as possible.

Tom Brady is either loved or hated-- there is no in between. Talk about the possibility of him getting a 4th Super Bowl MVP or how he’s old and should retire depending on how the room feels about him.


Falcons’ coach, Dan Quinn is the man, he’s coached in three out of the past four Super Bowls.

The last time the Falcons were in the Super Bowl was 1999, and the night before, player, Eugene Robinson was arrested in a sting operation for soliciting prostitution; so feel free to say something along the lines of, “None of their players have been arrested for prostitution yet, so it’s already going better than the last time the Falcons had a Super Bowl game.”

The Super Bowl is in Houston, Texas. So mention how this year, the Patriots took the title “Most Hated NFL Team” from the Cowboys.

If you’re surrounded by a bunch of Patriots fans, start talking about how much you hate the New York Jets, the two teams have a big rivalry.


The Falcons Offensive Coordinator, Kyle Shanahan was recently in the news because he lost his bag that had the team’s playbook in it on opening night… Talk about how lame he is and how you’re glad he’s leaving and going to the 49ers.

If you don’t have anything else to say, mention Tom Brady’s support for Donald Trump to completely change the subject and get everyone fired up about politics instead of football!


What are you most excited about for the Super Bowl? Let us know in the comments below!

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