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Things to Do Before You Graduate College

Your college time is going to go by incredibly fast. Sometimes you’ll hate it, but most of the time you will love it. Don’t just live in your dorm room. Experience your college town and make most of the time you have there. Go for it!

Here are 8 things you must do before you graduate.


1. Get involved.

It does not matter what you get involved in: creative writing club, LAN parties, dance club, sororities, fraternities, whatever. Join something that interests you. Not only will these activities look great on a resume, but you WILL meet some of your greatest and most treasured friends.


2. Travel.


You don’t have to travel halfway around the world to experience new and exciting things. Take a mini road trip to the state bordering your own. Drive to a new city. Study abroad. Travel wherever you can. These experiences will change your life. You will learn so much about the world around you while learning a lot about yourself.


3. Get anvolved academically.

Apply for scholarships. Write a poem and submit it to your school paper or magazine. Do something! These types of activities look good on a resume too, but you’ll you feel great about the work you are doing. Sometimes you will not succeed, but you will get a lot of valuable experience.


4. Attend a sports game.


Football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, soccer, gymnastics. Whatever sport interests you, go and watch a game. It is an experience to be a part of a cheering student section. A lot of the time you get free gear and sometimes even food! I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff? Plus, your college team can use your support!


5. Take a class that you normally wouldn’t take

Taking a class in a subject that you normally wouldn’t take is a great way to meet people of different majors, and learn a lot about yourself. We all know you need those lower division credits to fill your major anyway, so why not experience it now before you never have the opportunity again?


6. Throw a party


It is pretty common for people to attend parties. Having one at your own place where you are the host is a completely different experience. You don’t necessarily have to drink. Play video games or paint wine glasses. Do something that you and your friends love to do, but host it at your house. Make it official with a Facebook invite and really plan. Don’t be cheap, buy snacks.


7. Volunteer

Find something you love and volunteer in some capacity. There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities ranging in hundreds of different areas of interest. It feels good to do something for someone else, and it is great experience to start developing before you have a full-time job.


8. Explore ALL of campus


You could go your entire college career without entering all of the buildings on campus. Take a weekend to explore every single building. Don’t forget to take photos! Bring along some friends and have a picnic in the quad. You never what you’ll come across!


Got any ideas on what else Seniors should do before graduating? Let us know in the comments below! 

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