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Start Shasta-Sizing Now

Shata season is coming (Insert Ed Snow from Game of Thrones). If you don’t know what Shasta is, it’s when students from Oregon State rent out houseboats at Shasta Lake, CA and party on an island, and these boasts, for an entire weekend. Most schools on the west coast attend Shasta but on different weekends. Shasta is basically one big, crazy house party that lasts for 3 or 4 days. One thing that you have heard this term, or will be hearing soon, is shasta-sizing. This is when people start slimming down for Shasta so they can look their best in a swimsuit that they’ll probably be wearing for the whole weekend. After attending Shasta last year and knowing many Shasta “Veterans”, I have made up a list of the most effective, and safest ways to shasta-size!


  • Have realistic goals

    • Firsts things first, have realistic goals. Between now and May, you will not be able to lose 50lbs or gain a whole new booty. Results take a long time, so it’s good to set a realistic goal. Shasta is 8 weeks away, and largest amount of weight you can lose at a healthy rate is 2lbs a week. Essentially you have between now and then to lose 16lbs. Now of course you can lose more weight from a variety of factors, but aim for a low number to stay healthy and to not also disappoint yourself if you can’t reach that goal.


  • Eat a lean and well balanced diet

    • It’s said that when losing weight, 20% is in the gym and 80% is in the kitchen. One of the most effective ways to lose weight is to a clean diet. What is clean eating exactly? It’s embracing whole foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains, plus healthy proteins (chicken, fish, soy foods, etc.) and fats (avocados, coconut oil, EVOO, etc.). This also means no processed foods like chips, pizza, late Qdoba, or Dutch Bros (sadface). Now don’t get yourself self down thinking that eating clean is going to be impossible, let yourself have a cheat day or mini cheat snacks a few times a week to keep your sanity intact. I suggest tracking your calories using MyFitnessPal so you don’t go too crazy with the sweets. There are also a ton of resources online for cheap clean meals, and don’t forget to talk to the on campus dietitian to set up a game plan!


  • Add a PAC class

    • While eating well attributes to weight loss, staying active will keep you motivated and help you burn calories to keep you fit. If you’re like me and don’t stick well to a self made workout routine, or you just want the extra workout, consider adding a Physical Activity Course (PAC) to your schedule next term! There are a variety of classes offered in the spring to fit any type of fitness level. My personal favorites are conditioning, and weightlifting (which actually is better for weight loss than cardio). If you’re really hard core, consider taking MS 130 (Military Physical Conditioning). Class starts at 6:15 am but I have a friend who is taking and she said that it’s a lot of fun and you get used to waking up so early, which can help you stay motivated throughout the day!


  • Get a Fit Pass

    • If you don’t have the time for a PAC class, or don’t see anything that you like, consider buying a fit pass at Dixon. They offer a variety of classes at different times of the day (including weekends) to best fit your schedule.


  • Drink Water

    • Another way to get that Shasta bod is to drink plenty of water. Drinking water before a meal helps reduces your appetite, preventing you from overeating, and if you get late night cravings, drinking a glass a water will help because you’re most likely dehydrated rather than hungry. If you’re not a fan of the taste of water, try drinking unsweetened tea. It’s said that green tea is the best to drink because it increases metabolism.


  • Go Easy on the Alcohol

    • Unfortunately, alcohol has calories and not knowing how much is in each drink that you’re having can slow down or stop your shasta-sizing progress. A shot of tequila  can be 100 calories, and when it’s mixed to make a frozen margarita, it skyrockets to 500 calories. There’s going to be a lot of drinking at Shasta, so consider drinking one drink, once a week. RIP Marg Monday’s, Tiki Tuesday’s, and Pint Night.


  • Start Tanning

    • While tanning doesn’t contribute to weight loss, it will help accentuate your Shasta bod. Tanning is almost like contouring, add darkening colors to you face and it will make those places look receded. Same thing goes for tanning. While I suggest spray tanning because it’s safer for you than using a tanning bed, tanning without a spray can reduce sunburns, which is great because you’ll be spending most of your time outside. Tanning is completely optional, but if you are thinking about it, checkout Pocket Points. Tan Republic has a deal for BOGO spray tan for just 25 points!


  • Get a Swimsuit to Keep You Motivated

    • Another way to stay motivated between now and May is to get a goal suit. Have you had an eye on a swimsuit but didn’t think you could pull it off? Go ahead and buy it and use it as motivation to Shasta-size! Remember to keep it realistic, if you normally wear a size Large, don’t buy a size Small. I wear a size large, but I know that in 8 weeks I won’t be able to fit into anything that’s a size small.


  • Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

    • Don’t Shasta-size to fit an ideal look for the benefit of others, Shata-size for you and only you. Remember that weight loss takes time and can have lasting health benefits. It won’t be easy and it does require a lifestyle change, but in the end, remember to love yourself and your body. You can rock that swimsuit at any size, no matter what others say!  

Rebecca Holland is a 5th Year at Oregon State University and is majoring in Digital Communication Arts. She is involved on campus with the Student Alumni Ambassadors and Chi Omega Women's Fraternity. Rebecca has a car named Sasquatch which she has appropriately decorated in many Sasquatch related stickers. You can find her browsing the newest dank memes, eating pizza, and crying about her love of cats.