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SB 2015: Spring Break Survival Kits

We were SO excited when we finally received our 2015 Spring Break Survival Kit! Even though it may only be dead week, everything we found inside definitely has us geared up to end this term on a strong note.

Read on to see everything we found inside! <3

First off, we found some Spring Break inspired Her Campus goodies! We can’t wait to relax in the sun in two weeks with a koozie-clad cold drink in hand and some HC stunner shades on…

You’ve got your shades, your koozie, and your sunblock… you’re only missing one thing! Dirty Rush is the perfect beach read for Spring Break since it combines all of the great aspects of college life into one easy read. Stay tuned to find out how you can win a copy of this book from us during spring term!

Next up we found everybody’s favorite: BOGO free Chipotle cards! The best thing about these cards is that it is the perfect excuse for a last-minute date or a study break with your BFF.

If you’re in the mood for a lighter snack, our good friends at LUNA have you covered! This term’s Survival Kit included not only our favorite Chocolate Peppermint Stick flavor, but also a delicious Chocolate Dipped Cocounut flavor that has the perfect tropical vibe to it. Be sure to try both of these amazing flavors ASAP!

Since we are just ending winter term, we’re guessing you’re prooooobably a little behind on shaving. Completely Bare has given us everything we need to be bikini ready on the go!

All of that swimming, tanning, and hiking is sure to do some damage to your hair. We are packed and ready to take care of our beloved locks on the go thanks to Not Your Mother’s Haircare! This Clean Freak shampoo and conditioner helps lock moisture into your hair while smoothing and silkening it, so it’s the perfect go-to for any vacation destination.

Whether you’re prancing around an exotic new city or you’re dragging yourself across campus, safety is always a top priority. Our friends at Sabre have hooked us up with maximum strength pepper gel to ward off any predators! We will be having a campus saftey event during spring term where we will be giving these babies out for free, so stay tuned for that as well!

All in all, we LOVE everything we got in our Spring Break Survival Kit, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you! If you want to win everything in the picture above, take a screenshot of your favorite HC at Oregon State article and tag us in it (on whatever platform you are using) and use the hashtag #HCSB15! Check out our Instagram for more details. 

We at Her Campus at Oregon State hope you all have a great Spring Break. HUGE thank you to all of our sponsors for the incredible goodies!

Good luck on finals, collegiettes.


the HC at Oregon State team.





Lara is a graduate of Oregon State University, with a degree in New Media Communications and minors in writing and Spanish. Currently, Lara resides in New York City and works in the Influencer Marketing space.
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