Safari Themed Mocktails & Cocktails

If you’re looking to check out Safari Glam this Friday, you might want something to drink while you’re getting ready. Whether you’re 21+ or just a freshman, we have the drink for you.


1. Swamp Water


If you’re looking for a drink that’s worthy of your Instagram feed, this is the colorful drink for you. Grab some sweet and sour mix, a few liqueurs, and some citrus fruits for garnish and mix this up in your favorite mason jar.


2. Hypnotize


If Kaa was your favorite character in the Jungle Book why not pray tribute to this sneaky snake? Check out this shot and trust me when I say that this one definitely packs a punch.


3. Tiger Juice


If you want to mix up some tiger juice for you and your friends start with orange gatorade, or orange juice, and add fruit slices and sugar as needed.


4. Tropical Banana Slush Punch


This tropical punch is filled with yummy bananas, which have antioxidants and lots of potassium to keep you strong and able to keep dancing all night long!


5. Tiger Claw


If you want a strong cocktail to end your week right, this is the choice for you. Start with brandy, add some yummy citrus extras and you’re ready to go!


6. Jungle Juice Cocktail


Tipsy Bartender has three variations of this classic party drink for you to try on for size. You can make strawberry jungle juice, pineapple jam, or the blue hawaiian. All are sure to be a hit and are great for a large group!


7. Sex in the Jungle


To make this sultry drink you mix vodka, rum, midori, blue curacao, lime juice, pineapple juice, and orange juice. If you’ve had a Sex on the Beach drink you’ll definitely love this fun new twist!


8. Jungle Juice Punch


If you’re checking out Safari Glam with your girl group, why not mix up this jungle juice punch recipe. All you need is lime sherbet, ginger ale, and pineapple juice and you’ve got a yummy citrus drink. If you’re 21+ just splash in your liquor of choice for an extra bite.


9. Disneyland Jungle Julep


If you’re dreaming out by the happiest place on earth for your summer vacay why not make one of their drinks to get yourself in the zone? All you need for this jungle julep is grape juice concentrate, grenadine, lemon juice, drink mix, sugar, pineapple juice, and water. This drink is perfectly pink and a sweet treat for the end of your week.


10. The Jungle Book Punch


Try this coconut punch on for size. It’s inspired by the upcoming Jungle Book movie and all you need is coconut pina colada mix, ginger ale, pineapple juice, and ice. Then you’re set and ready to go!

Tell us below what your favorite drink is!