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R.M. Drake Poems For The Soul

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OR State chapter.


R.M. Drake is a modern poet who has written books like Beautiful Chaos, Black ButterFly, A Brilliant Madness, Science: The Stars in Me are the Stars in You, Broken Flowers, Spaceship: A Collection of Words for the Misunderstood, and Beautiful and Damned. He has a focus in love, life, and struggle. Curl up with a cup of tea, play some Bon Ivers, and read his poetry. It won’t disappoint.  










Justyn is a Senior at Oregon State University studying Political Science: Pre Law. Justyn's motto is Head in Corvallis, Heart in Seattle. She loves anything PNW, especially the rainy fall reason. You can almost always find her on campus in a pant suit, or rocking a blazer around. Justyn enjoys baking Drake themed cakes, or cooking shabbat dinner for the Jewish organization on campus. She is just a Jewish queen trying to start a political revolution!
Katherine Borchers is a Junior at Oregon State University and is majoring in Digital Communication Arts. She is involved on campus with Res Life and So Worth Loving at Oregon State. You can find her procrastinating real life responsibilities, drinking coffee, and procrastinating some more. When she procrastinates, she loves to sing loudly (not well, either), read books, and do artsy-fartsy stuff.