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Graduation is approaching fast and the last thing you want is to finish your senior year and realize you didn’t do half of what you wanted. Going to college isn’t just about studying 24/7, it’s about making memories. Whatever year you are in school, it’s not too late to experience everything OSU has to offer. I’ve compiled a list of 75 things you MUST do before you walk the stage for graduation (in no particular order) #GoBeavs

  1. Dance with Dancing Mike

  2. Eat at Riva’s Taco Shop

  3. Live in the Valley Library during finals week

  4. Make pancakes in the library during finals week (or any other type of food, no loud noises though)

  5. Go to CSI (Clod’s, Sancho’s, Impulse) in one night

  6. Sing karaoke at The Peacock or Harrison’s

  7. Go to Dam Jam

  8. Go to Shasta

  9. Study outside at the MU or Library quad

  10. Go to a student theatre production

  11. Go on a weekend road trip – Newport, Bend, Portland, etc.

  12. Party like you did freshman year

  13. Go on a bar crawl

  14. Go to the wrong class, on purpose

  15. Use those student discounts (Student Survival Guide, Hooked, Pocket Points, etc.)

  16. Float on the Willamette river

  17. Watch a student run TV show on KBVR TV (Channel 26)

  18. Go rock climbing in Dixon or McAlexander

  19. Use the hot tub and/or sauna at Dixon

  20. Hop on the Corvallis Transit bus and go on an adventure (the buses are free in Corvallis!)

  21. Show up to class in a onesie

  22. Go to a toga party

  23. Make the Dean’s List

  24. Get yelled at by the street preacher in the library quad

  25. Play street preacher bingo when they’re in the library quad

  26. Pull an all-nighter (academic or not)

  27. Watch OSU’s a capella groups perform

  28. Theme an entire week based around alliteration (Mellow Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, Workout Wednesdays, etc.)

  29. Make the most creative graduation cap

  30. Drive around late at night with your friends blasting your favorite music (or KBVR FM)

  31. Use every single bathroom on campus (except residence halls, duh)

  32. Find and “stalk” one of your professors on social media

  33. Take something from a local bar/frat house

  34. Compliment a random person on campus

  35. Shotgun a beer

  36. Watch an entire season of a show on Netflix in one sitting

  37. View artwork in the Fairbanks gallery

  38. Attend at least one game for every type of sporting event

  39. Kiss Benny the Beaver

  40. Go streaking on campus (maybe with underwear on)

  41. Enroll in the most random class you can find (WSE 392: Bamboolooza: The Fascinating World of Bamboo)

  42. Take a typical photo of the MU/weatherford saying “my gorgeous home”

  43. Sleep on the MU couches

  44. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Everywhere. (Yes, that includes LINC)

  45. Visit every coffee shop on campus and order something besides coffee (Ava’s has an awesome TBA sandwich!)

  46. Go on a hike at one of the many hiking locations in Corvallis

  47. Attend Senior Send-off

  48. Go to a Greek sponsored event (Mock Rock, Color Me Chi O 5k, Greek BBQ, etc.)

  49. Attend a cultural event (Hui O Hawaii Annual Lu’au, India Night, etc.)

  50. Hang out on top of a roof

  51. Walk around campus in a ridiculous costume (excluding Halloween)

  52. Explore downtown Corvallis

  53. Eat at Benny’s Donuts

  54. Eat at Death by Donut

  55. Eat at Cheesy Stuffed and/or Qdoba past midnight

  56. Go to a Roxy Dawg’s fundraiser

  57. Eat at a non-chain restaurant on Monroe (Tarn Tip Thai Cuisine, The Beaver Hut, Local Boyz, Crystal’s Cuisine, etc.)

  58. Explore every building on campus

  59. Explore Old College Hill (26th St./Arnold Way to 32nd st)

  60. Take a picture in every fraternity bathroom

  61. Go to $5 Tuesday’s at Regal Cinemas

  62. Drive to University of Oregon and yell “Go Beavs” at people

  63. Grab a beer with your professor

  64. Go to a bar and order their special

  65. Start a “Go Beavs” yelling chain on Greek Row or at a sporting event

  66. Attend sorority recruitment or fraternity rush (even if you don’t plan on joining)

  67. Get senior photos taken

  68. Don’t get hit by a biker on campus

  69. Go to the career development center at least once

  70. Fill a car with friends and get birthday Dutch from the 6 Dutch Bros in town

  71. Take dishware from the Dining Center

  72. Go to the Clubs & Activities Fair and sign up for as many clubs as possible

  73. Get as much free stuff from the Clubs & Activities Fair as possible

  74. Go to a random event that has free food (you might learn something!)

  75. Graduate


It’s said that college is one of the best times of your life, so get out there and test that theory!


Rebecca Holland is a 5th Year at Oregon State University and is majoring in Digital Communication Arts. She is involved on campus with the Student Alumni Ambassadors and Chi Omega Women's Fraternity. Rebecca has a car named Sasquatch which she has appropriately decorated in many Sasquatch related stickers. You can find her browsing the newest dank memes, eating pizza, and crying about her love of cats.  
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