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My Open Letter to Tomi Lahren: Why I Am Proud to Be Called A “Liberal Snowflake”

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Dear Tomi,

I have been meaning to write you a letter for a fairly long time, and honestly I don’t know where to start. There are so many things that you and I differ on; from Trump to Kaepernick, to your opinion on the Women’s March, or the Black Lives Matter movement. It seems that I can’t open up my Facebook without seeing your face aggressively telling me your opinion, and me aggressively wanting to tell you mine. You and I differ on almost every single opinion and idea. Now Tomi, I appreciate people’s differences of opinions and think it is vital to the progress of our country. My trouble with you is not that we differ in opinions, it is the fact that most of your opinions are built around insulting people, degrading people, or belittling them because they don’t fit your reality. There are plenty of examples of this throughout your videos but one recurring example comes in the form of you calling liberals “Liberal Snowflakes”.

Now I am not surprised that you have taken a liking to this name and insult, because you were such a fan of calling us “bleeding hearts” before. This new insult is just a modern spin on an old insult. Also, it isn’t shocking that you like the name because in your mind it accurately reflects us. You think that us Liberals are fragile, weak, and break under pressure, all things that a snowflake could represent. Not to mention you also think we are lazy, crazy, and stupid. However Tomi, it is in your insult that I understand you really know nothing about Liberals, and maybe even snowflakes. So let me educate you on why I take your insult as a compliment, and why I think others should too.

Let’s start with the basics of snowflakes. Snowflakes are made out of water, so if you are calling us snowflakes you are essentially associating us with the element of water. Although water is often misconstrued as one of the weaker elements, when really it is one of the strongest. Water is not strong out of sheer force but out of persistence and collective power. Now turn this back onto Liberals and I do not think there is anything better in describing us. Liberals may not be strong from sheer force of power, but rather in our ability to persistently stand up for what is right over an extended period of time until what we are fighting for is finally accomplished.

In comparison, I associate the conservative agenda with fire. Although fire is powerful in its initial force, it cannot continue to burn unless it destroys everything in its path and eventually when everything is destroyed it too will die out. Fire must destroy others in order to gain power, and often times that is how the conservative agenda operates. Then the only thing that can heal the damage you have left behind is water, therefore us “Liberal Snowflakes” are the only things that can repair the damage you have left behind.

Lastly Tomi, in your show you are always accusing us of “missing that day in school” so let me turn that back on you and maybe educate you on some basic weather information. When snowflakes come together in large groups that is called a blizzard, or snowstorm, which can be an extremely powerful thing. We have a living example of this in the Women’s March. See when you get all of us “Liberal Snowflakes” together we create a storm of powerful individuals trying to make change across the country and the world.

So Tomi continue calling me a “Liberal Snowflake” and I will gladly wear it with pride, and I hope others do too!


Sincerely yours,

Justyn Jacobs

Proud Liberal Snowflake  

Justyn is a Senior at Oregon State University studying Political Science: Pre Law. Justyn's motto is Head in Corvallis, Heart in Seattle. She loves anything PNW, especially the rainy fall reason. You can almost always find her on campus in a pant suit, or rocking a blazer around. Justyn enjoys baking Drake themed cakes, or cooking shabbat dinner for the Jewish organization on campus. She is just a Jewish queen trying to start a political revolution!