How to Stay Refreshed & Motivated During Spring Term

Spring term is debatably the hardest term in college to get through. The sun starts to shine, and it gets more difficult to sit inside and study because the only thing on your mind is soaking up all of the vitamin D. While you should still keep up with your studies, here are my five go-to self care tips on how to start and end your term strong.

1. Wake up, workout!

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Starting your day with a workout can get your blood pumping through your veins and actually make you feel more energized. It can be hard when your bed is so warm and the world is so cold, but putting in the effort to wake up and go for a run or to the gym can brighten your day even if the sun isn't shining.

2. Stay organized.

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You may tell yourself every term that this is going to be the one you actually use the planner you bought at the beginning of the school year, but it is never to late to get organized! Buy some high lighters and a couple pens and make it a habit to write down what is going on in your classes and even what your plans are for the weekend. Once you have things laid out in front of you the term wont look so daunting and you might find time to have fun!

3. Treat yo’ self…

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Once in a while giving into your cravings can be the best medicine. Treat your self to some frozen yogurt or buy that top you have had your eye on for the past month. You have been hard at work for the past 6 months with school, and you deserve to be treated. Now, don’t go blowing your whole paycheck on a pair of shoes or anything, but little treats here and there can help get you through the term in one piece!

4. Two words: Bubble bath.

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Light some candles, put on your favorite music, and take a soak in a bubble bath. You will feel rejuvenated from the inside out while taking your mind off of the world around you. I recommend finding candles and bubble bath that complement each other with their aromas. Just like with babies, taking a bath before bed can help you feel tired and maybe even sleep better throughout the night. Pro tip: you might also like to add Epsom salt to your soak to relive aches and pains from stress.

5. Life is a balancing act.

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Try to schedule time for studying and fun throughout your week to keep yourself balanced and not overwhelmed with your classes. If you know that the week ahead is going to be a more heavily packed week because you have three tests and a group project due, try to set aside an hour or two to watch your favorite television show or paint your nails. It is important to stay on top of school and other obligations, but you deserve to have fun, too!

I hope my tips help you to have a fabulous term! If you have any other ideas on how to stay refreshed throughout the term, leave them in the comments below.