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Her Campus Shasta Survival Kit

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OR State chapter.

Shasta season is over for spring break but if you’re looking for a summer vacay we’ve got the perfect packing list for you. It’s Shasta season and, from my personal experience, most people who go have never gone before. I remember when I went to Shasta for the first time, I had no idea what to bring. Luckily I had friends who had gone before but I have learned from trial and error what items for most essential to have great time a Shasta (even if it’s 50 degrees and raining). I’ve put together a Shasta Survival List to hopefully help people out there who have never gone.

1. Water (lots & lots of water)

  • It tends to be pretty hot in Shasta so it’s a good idea to bring a lot of water bottles with you because you will get dehydrated and it’s not recommended to drink the water off the boat.

2. Sunscreen

  • With warm weather also means sunshine, and the last thing you want to have happen to you is to get severely sunburnt. It’s recommended to buy a waterproof sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

3. Aloe

  • Just in case you do get sunburned have some aloe on hand to soothe that burn.

4. Advil

  • In case you get a headache advil is wise to have on hand.

5. Warm clothes (sweatshirt, sweatpants, etc.)

  • While it’s warm during the day, the nights can get pretty cold so it’s recommended to bring warm clothes that you don’t care about, just in case they get dirty or lost.

6. Closed toe shoes or sandals that stay on your feet (no flip flops)

  • The land on Shasta lake is rocky and jagged. Have a pair of closed toe shoes that you don’t care about getting dirty that will protect you from the rocks. Sandals that have a strap on the back are also good if you want to go swimming or if you’re hanging out on the boat.

7. Baby Wipes

  • I was made fun of a lot last year for bringing baby wipes, but in the end, everyone was coming to me for them. You’ll most likely will not have the chance to take a shower so bring baby wipes to freshen yourself up.

8. Sleeping bag

  • Doesn’t have to be a fancy bag just something that will keep you warm at night.

9. Pillow

  • Same as the sleeping bag nothing fancy just in case it gets dirty or lost.

10. Debit card/cash

  • You may need to buy things on the way to or from shasta, or you may get in a situation where you’re stranded, so it’s always a good idea to bring your debit card or some cash with you.

11. Towel

  • To dry yourself off from swimming in the lake.

12. Toilet paper

  • This is a precious resource. Toilet paper on the boat will go fast, so I recommend bringing rolls for yourself.

13. First aid kit

  • You never know what can happen while at Shasta, so have a first aid kit on hand. Band aids, gauze, antibiotic ointment, etc. are all good things to have on hand.

14. Closed drinking cup

  • I recommend making all of your own drinks while at Shasta, and as a precaution have your own cup that has a lid on it, that way nothing unwanted can get in it. I also recommend getting a cup with a handle on it too.

15. Soap

  • A cheap bar of soap is handy if you want to take a shower on your boat on in the lake.

16. Fanny pack or a small bag

  • This is a good thing to bring with you if you want to have your phone with you, snacks, a disposable camera, or for any other things you may want to keep in a small bag and stay hands free.

17. Flashlight

  • For when it gets dark on the island and you need to find your way back to shore, find your way around your boat at night, or even to signal for help. You never know.

18. Super glue

  • This is good to have on hand in case someone gets a cut that needs to be sealed up. Who knows, something on your boat might break and you’ll need to repair it.

19. Protein/carb heavy food

  • I recommend bringing hot dogs, hamburgers (all boats have a grill), hot dog/hamburger buns, premade tuna salad with crackers, protein bars, lunchables, a loaf of bread, peanut butter, muffins, hot pockets, lunch meat, popcorn (pre-popped), and chips.

20. Portable phone charger

  • Energy on a boat is a scarce resource that will have to be rationed. I recommend bring a one or two portable phone chargers. You won’t be using your phone a whole lot, but it’s good to have one in case of an emergency.

21. Sunglasses

  • To protect your eyes from the sun, duh.

22. Swimsuit

  • Bring one or two tops, and several bottoms. You’ll most likely be wearing a swimsuit the whole time, and it’s a good idea to wear a new bottom everyday.

23. Oversized t-shirt

  • Have this on hand to protect you from the sun, and to keep you warm at night.

24. Pedialyte/Sports Drink

  • Because you may get very, very dehydrated and having this on hand will definitely help.

25. Backpack/Bag

  • Bring a backpack or a some type of large bag that you can store all your clothes and supplies in. I recommend (again) to bring one that you don’t care about in case it gets lost or dirty. Don’t be that person who brings a suitcase, space in your car and on the boat will be limited.

Even if you’re not going to Shasta this year (or ever) this list is also great for camping!

Rebecca Holland is a 5th Year at Oregon State University and is majoring in Digital Communication Arts. She is involved on campus with the Student Alumni Ambassadors and Chi Omega Women's Fraternity. Rebecca has a car named Sasquatch which she has appropriately decorated in many Sasquatch related stickers. You can find her browsing the newest dank memes, eating pizza, and crying about her love of cats.  
Madeline is a Senior at Oregon State majoring in Merchandising Management and minoring in writing. She was the 2016-'17 president of Chi Theta Phi, a local design sorority on campus. If she's not in class, at a club meeting, chapter, or writing, she's probably spending time with her family, friends, walking her dogs, eating junk food, or watching too many crime, comedy, or fashion shows on Netflix. She likes cheese, dogs, creative projects, obnoxious animal prints, garage sales, farmer's markets, and generally just being silly.