A Guide to Little Free Libraries in Corvallis

You may have seen them around: creatively decked-out structures holding various books perched on street corners and in front of houses. Those are called Little Free Libraries.

So what exactly is a Little Free Library? They are more than just a quirky addition to Corvallis neighborhoods. They are a global movement.

LFLs are a way of sharing books with people of all ages, races, genders, sexualities, and income levels. The movement is all about the love of reading and creativity. Little Free Library founders, Todd Bol and Rick Brooks, cite Andrew Carnegie’s support of 2,509 free public libraries as one of their biggest inspirations. The little free libraries around town are one of the best ways to find unique books that are available to everyone for no cost.

Anybody can make one. You can buy a library making kit or an already-built library online, customize it to your liking, and then wait for people to share and take books in your neighborhood.


Corvallis Little Free Library Locations: 

1. 856 SE Bayshore Circle 

2. 1555 NW Buchanan Avenue 

3. 395 NW Maxine Avenue 

4. 461 NW Witham Drive  

5. 1450 NW 14th Street 

6. 2210 NW Hayes Avenue 

7. 1472 NW 20th Place  

8. 2310 NW Elmwood Drive  

9. 789 NW Calloway Drive  

10. 2900 NW Johnson Avenue  

11. 4606 NW Queens Avenue  

12. 3599 NW Wisteria Place  

13. 4400 SW Brooklane Drive  

14. 954 NW Sequoia Avenue  

15. 944 SW 11th Street

16. 1616 NW Hillcrest Drive  

17. 2950 NW Grant Avenue 

18. 1863 NW Lester Avenue 

19. 3885 NW Estaview Place 

20. 3367 NW Glenridge Drive 

21. 3308 NW Fillmore Avenue


Have you been to one of these locations? Share your experiences in the comments!